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  5. Personally, PS5 wins the war. I don't give a crap about what the specs are cause in the end both Xbox & PS will have the same graphics anyway. PS5 has the games exclusives while Xbox unfortunately still hasn't learned that exclusives are the reasons to buy a console. I mean yeah they have good specs & games, but who cares about that when most of those games are gonna be on PC anyway? And about the pre orders, it's a damn mess. Sony should definitely announce it better. I ain't buying it until it's $300. Because JEEZUS, this is the price here in Australia PS5 PlayStation 5 Console (Pre-Order Deposit Only) (Launch Price $749) Yes this is for the one with the disk tray. The digital version is $599. But still, ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME?? Well at least it's better than PS3 which was $829 when it was new but COME ON. I want to trade my game when I finished them because most of them will probably be a "play it once and you're done" kind of games with only a few I actually want to keep with me forever. So without the disk tray function, I had to buy the game on the PS store which are full price & not discounted like when I buy the game on JB Hi Fi. Hell no to that! Hm, actually I'm pretty interested in this. Since there's a physical copy option for PS5 games, does that mean if you have a digital PS5, you can still use it but it'll be like on PC where you just put on the CD Key in the physical copy box? If that's the case, then surely that CD Key is usable for multiple consoles cause how else would pre-owned copy works? Oh please God don't let it be like Steam where it makes pre-owned copy completely worthless
  6. Welcome to the AJ Army. I’m still pretty new here too so thought I’d just reach out and say hello there. Hope you are doing well . Stay safe
  7. PS1 memories... let's see... I was young, so it was my brother's console and his games. I have memories of WWF, GTA 2, and Resident Evil 3. I remember RE3 horrifying my 7 year old self. I remember spamming the fart button on GTA 2 and solely backing the Z faction. I remember somehow beating my sibling by mashing only the kick button, making them rage because they would pull fancy moves and here I am winning by kicking their fighters repeatedly in the groin. Good times.
  8. Star Citizen PTU Alpha 3.11.0 has entered to Evocati phase. It looks more like a QoL patch because of core tech work they are working on at the moment. People still seems to like about the changes they have made so it could end up to be a good patch. They will publish a new roadmap soon which shows much more in detail what different teams are working at the moment. This is very welcomed change since the current roadmap doesn't work well with agile / staggered development between multiple of studios.
  9. G'day everyone, big fan of the show from Australia. Just signed up and excited to be part of an amazing community. I hope we're all doing well in these trying times. Stay safe and I look forward to hearing from you. omegle online
  10. Well, I don't need a chair cause I'm using my gaming laptop on my bed. And my apartment already have dining chairs. Getting a gaming chair is nice, if you get it for free from winning a gaming raffle at a gaming convention, or win a contest for it, or if you're a sponsored videogame player that got it for free. $300 for a chair is...... questionable. Save that money for the next gaming consoles. You might as well get a much2 cheaper chair but actually comfortable for deskwork & not be that expensive.
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  13. I've been decorating my bedroom.I'm looking at getting the gaming chair link .My lil desk chair generally has me humped over trying to sim. I have been trying to find a great chair - one that is very comfortable, looks stylish, is height adjustable, tilt adjustable, has adjustable armrests yet ,I've got the Autofull gaming chair ,is not cheap,about 299$.Wife said no to this chair My wife reckons I should just buy a footrest. However, the way I see it is that if I've spent all this money on a chair, I want it to do what I want. Especially since I'll be spending loads of hours on my computer doing work and then other countless hours gaming. I wanted a chair that did both and made me sit in the correct posture. Should I return the chair and keep looking or not? Is it better for me to just get a footrest and live with the armrests?
  14. So, the argument a lot of console players have with PC games is that they don't want to sit in a computer chair and game. They want to be on a couch.So, I ran a fiber 4k supported HDMI cable from my office to my living room (running cable in the ceiling). However, I can't really 'control' anything in there. How could I use an Xbox controller in that setup?Would I need to run a 100ft USB cable to a wireless receiver in the living room? My attic is pretty tiny, so I'm trying to avoid going up there if I can help it.I have a Shield. Its been a while since I tried it, but it seemed a little laggy to play over the Shield Share or whatever you wanna call it. Wired connection.
  15. Agreed. It seems like a cash grab IMO.
  16. This is a simple forum game. You make a post and the number increases by 1. Either the last person to post for a month or the first to reach 5000 shall win! Begin! 1.
  17. "Comfort food"
  18. hello , I would like to know if someone have saved this stream ?! I have the 4 other stream but I can't find the 1 stream of this game. if someone have it and can contact me or send me a link to download that's would very very very much appreciated !! thank you
  19. Okay. This might sound like whining but oh well. As someone who has trained in martial arts, I can say this movie saying the things it did is full of $);&. Anyone who has done tai chi itself knows ‘chi’ is not a ‘ super power’ that in itself should be very offensive to Asian culture. Then they take two of the best martial artists today and toss them in there for fan service? Donnie Yen and Jet Li? That’s a shoe in for at least one epic fight. Yeah, not throwing my money down the drain to watch this. I think I’ll hit up the originals or some clone wars...Sorry for the rant.
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  24. It would be interesting to see if and how this would affect to CCGs.
  25. This is my message to those of you that are looking forward to the Avengers game coming in 2 days: I had played the beta on PS4 for 8+ hours, and here’s what I can say about that experience: At first I thought it’ll be like that Rise of the Imperfects game back on PS2 with the many characters having their own movesets, but with gear mechanics that's in Destiny or some other looter games. But it’s more deeper than that thankfully. Each characters have their own playstyle so it’s pretty cool to try them out one by one. At first your movesets are really basic, but you get to unlock air moves, combos & new abilities that you can mix up at your own pace. I think I like Black Widow & Iron Man the most because of how fast she is that she's like Bayonetta if Bayonetta has a third-person shooting mode aside from her martial arts, and how Iron Man's playstyle is so damn versatile once you unlock his heavy weapons. And because of this The problem though is whether or not their playstyle’s gonna carry the entire game because I pretty much know what to expect for the rest of the game. You have 2 kinds of missions: campaign missions that progresses the story, and what I can describe as "do the same thing over and over and over again" missions for leveling your characters up & getting better gears. Even though the story missions might look fun, they get really repetitive really quick because all you do is beat people up, move to the next location while trying to open up locked doors by hitting orange thingies / stepping on platforms, beat even more enemies up, and do it all over again until you beat that mission's boss. If it weren't for the variety of moves each characters can do, you'll get bored so damn easily that it makes the vanilla Destiny 1 look like Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. The original one with the awesome setpieces that is. The most annoying thing about the whole thing is that you have to use a certain character for a mission to get the high level gear for them to use. So if you play a mission as Black Widow, only she gets gears. No gears for Iron Man or Hulk. So you pretty much are expected to play a mission over and over again if you want your certain Avengers up on the level of the other guys & girls, which will inevitably get boring when you do the same missions for the 6th time. They need to make it that you can get gears for other characters when you’re doing a mission as another character. Just by playing the beta, I already had my fill for the game that I don't have to play the full game. it alone lets me know what to expect for the full game. It'll probably be an ok action rpg looter game if it goes right at best, or a repetitive grindfest at worst. And well, thankfully I don't need to wait till the game comes out to get my answer because youtubers have already put a full playthrough of the whole game I have seen the entire story mode of this game which takes around 10 hours, and I can say with 1000% certainty this: STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM IT While the intro of the game is pretty damn cool & the whole game's a nice origin story for Kamala Khan, aka the new Ms Marvel, the rest of the game is filled with such......... cliched superhero plot that is so damn predictable & generic that you can pretty much guess what's going to happen from the beginning of the game until the end & you'll be completely right about it. And get this: you get to only use Thor & Captain America in the story IN THE LAST 2 HOURS OF THE DAMN STORY MODE. So if you're looking forward to playing as them, well unfortunately you'll have to play 6 hours beforehand of the various story missions which are 80% the exact same stuff over and over and over again. Oh but don't worry though, after the story missions are complete, you're finally free to do what Avengers are supposed to do: do the same bunch of missions over and over again for 10+ hours with mostly the same mission structures + buildings because apparently this game has become a "life service" game. Or as I like to call it "generic mobile game". If you want to unlock their cool character abilities, you're gonna have to play through the boring grindfest missions just to level them up. OH COME ON, if you want to learn from mobile games, learn from the ones that are actually really good & actually do it with great care & variety! Learn from Fate Grand Order, Sdorica, Epic Seven, the mobile games that Korea & Japan actually made which has surprisingly great depth & variety, not Raid Shadow Legends or one of your grindfest Marvel mobile games that's the same shit over and over again! ARRAAFIUHADIFUSDFSDJFPASJFASEOFASOFJASFJSOFJF I have not doubt in my mind that this game is going to be like Destiny 1 & 2. It will receive many2 story dlcs that will make the game actually complete. Hell, there's already a dataminer that shows exactly the many more heroes that are going to be playable! https://www.thegamer.com/15-new-characters-marvels-avengers/ As it stands now, this game is just as I feared: an OK game at best with a lot of grinding, and with a plot that's pretty cliched that you can see how it progresses as if you're a fortune teller, and you'll be right in guessing it. Oh, and the base game without DLC will probably become a free to play game down the line, or at least be so damn cheap that you can get it for $3. You know it's not good when Fortnite is actually more interesting than this game. If you want to get the game, wait till all the contents are released with, hopefully, more mission varieties & epic boss battles and set pieces and wait till you can get all of them in the "actually complete edition" for $5. It'll probably take a long wait, but it's for the best. You can save that money to get an actually awesome game coming in September: the Mafia 1 remake, which I am sure as hell am definitely gonna get because I love the original game & this remake is even better than that.
  26. I shared this on one of my Discord channels on Saturday. RIP King T'Challa, may his family stay strong during this time. It's surprising that he's actually 43, I thought he's much2 younger. He had a good gene on him.
  27. Welcome to the angry army! Most of the members are on Discord nowadays, but there's some who hang around here like me. Hope you enjoy your time here, or on Discord.
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