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  2. I got a bunch of free games from the Epic Games Store 12 days giveaway + discounts, so I'm expecting to beat those this month, and thankfully they're all great games so I won't have to worry about hating em!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hello, my name Thomas and am only here to be a grunt gamer. Just someone who is interested in games and not much else. I stick to shooters and some fighting like MK or Soul Caliber. I am deep into Shadowrun Returns I hope Angry Joe reviews it if he hasn't already. I also liked Terminator Resistance. colmoseley33 (steam PC) moseley666 (origin PC) fallentemplar13 (PSN) MRMOSELEY81 (XBOX LIVE) I'll see you in the next game.
  5. I watched part of Joe's live-stream and Upper Echelon Gamers' live-stream of the whole game. I don't think I'll buy it, even on sale. I did think the story was awful...but it didn't have to be. I understand the major plot beats it was trying to hit and there is potential for a great story there, but it is so poorly paced and arranged that it's just bad.
  6. Starting to feel that way. There is definitely cause for concern in certain environments and situations, but the "shut-down everything!" mentality that seems popular in the media doesn't match what I'm seeing in my day-to-day. I admit that might just be in my particular area, but I'm starting to hear individual accounts from the so-called "epicenters" that things aren't that bad. Not that I think you should stop washing your hands or anything. I have started wearing a mask, but it's more to keep from getting harassed than because I actually think it does anything to stop the spread.
  7. Hey everyone! Its been confirmed by Microsoft Store that PES 2021 is going to be just a season update. Could this be a spark of hope for a future that we can expect more polished sports games and not just a rooster update every year in general? Will they still gonna charge like a full priced game? Honestly im not a great fan of konami, but it would be great if they actually suceed to take a year off and achieve something great in 2022, just to slap EA in the face and maybe expect they do the same in the future? What do you guys think?
  8. Well, these guys play a lot of their games before posting vids about them, so they're definitely playing hard. XD Stay safe out there. And also play good games + watch as many good shows now that we're all in lockdown. Here's a recommendation of mine when I want to get some good lols, and also to learn about silly events that happened. Learning history & having fun at the same time from these.
  9. Eh, that's a matter of personal taste though. For a person, sometimes a story can make or break something even though everything else is good. Hell, I had a similar line of thought with God of War 3 with the story. I can't stand how much of a cunt Kratos was in that game & I don't give a shit about the improved combat or badass things he did if in the end, he's just a self-centered piece of shit that doesn't care about innocent people, and so after I finished the game I don't want to touch it anymore and was hoping he would just die. If I want to see a main character doing badass Godly things, and be completely on board with the character, I rather play Asura's Wrath, which has an infinitely more likeable main character than Kratos ever will be in that original trilogy. Good thing the PS4 God of War actually made him a much better person & now I am on board with him for his battle will the Norse Gods. Last of Us 2 is definitely a people splitter. Some like it, some don't. Joe's just one of those that don't like it as soon as the first 2 hour of the game happened, and I even made my own review of it & telling people to see the first 2 hours of the game first before getting the game because it'll determine whether they will like the game or not from then on, and even tell people to not buy the game if they don't like it. In the end, it's just a review from someone who doesn't like it. Joe said a couple of times that it's perfectly fine for people to enjoy the game and he's glad that people enjoyed it. There are other people who like the game, me & my friends included, and we don't pay the negative reviews any mind at all & enjoy the game to the fullest. I recently got all the game's trophies for the game & then traded it for store credits, but that's because I have already seen everything the game has to offer after playing the game for the last 2 weeks & am curious to see what the sequel or dlc will be like. And that's another thing, there definitely will be a sequel. And Abby is definitely redeemable. Aside from the thing she did in the beginning of the game which definitely should've been done better than what it was, she's a complex character and actually not that bad of a person, and when the sequel gives her more moments to be more likeable, as well as make her regret the things she did in the past, I'm sure she'll not be as hated. Just hope the writers will know what they're doing and gave Ellie a chance to earn happiness & be at peace as well. Then again, the ending of 2 is pretty ambiguous & I definitely think it's not as bad as people make it out to be. Both of these girls has a chance to be even better after what happens in this game, and the sequel will be a good place to make it happen. Too bad that the internet is not so open minded & had to just blow things out of proportions with their death threats to Laura Bailey & whatever stupid shit is on right now. She's just doing her job people, don't be a mindless prick about it. And well, even Joe himself got flack from people because of the review. This is just a pointless waste of time that's not making the situation any better, especially during this corona time. How about moving on & actually be excited about the next games coming? Like Ghost of Tsushima. Can't freaking wait to play this! 5 more days!!!
  10. Honestly, there is so much content now with the gaming news, the angry reviews, the movie reviews, the rants, the trailer and show reviews, etc... I used to believe I tuned in for the subject of the content. There might be a particular game or movie in which I was interested. Over time, though, I realized that I tune in to see what I’m missing even more than I tune in for something specific. I hope these guys get to play as hard as they work because they have to be putting in a lot of hours. So...just a general appreciation for all the late nights, and all the times you kept going. A world away, my day is always a little bit more light after watching the show during my lunch breaks auto clicker
  11. I made a review of this game when it was released. It certainly is an interesting way to make a gameplay out of googling. I like having to play something different like this once in a while.
  12. Well, at first this is just going to be a Devolver Direct thing. But then yesterday Ubisoft did their own digital event, and mixed with the PS5 reveal weeks ago, it's pretty much this year's version of E3. So what the hell? Here's for the digital events that just happened. "Konami do 2 full hours on 4 new Metal Gear games during which they had a surprise break in event to announce the cancellation of 3 of them. DURING THE SAME LIVE STREAM". Best line. Also that sounds like something those assholes would do. They don't give a shit anymore & it makes me sad. This Digital conference though, MUAH, byoutiful. Can't wait for Shadow Warrior 3. And that Sonic Fox game, though that's probably just a joke. But hey! We can play the Devolverland Expo game for free on Steam! It's actually a pretty nice marketing thing they did cause you get inside this what if version of a Devolver Digital E3 looking thing & you get to see the upcoming game trailers + gameplay previews while dodging enemies & even fighting a boss at the end. The only downside is you can't play any of the games, even though they have playable booths. URGHHHH WHY YOU TEASE ME LIKE THIS GAME Gotta say, now I'm even more excited for Watch Dogs Legion. Not only will I plan to build my army of old people, but I'll have John Wick too because hey, Keanu's 55 so he's almost a senior. XD HyperScape's pretty much Ready Player One but Battle Royale. Hope the game has a nice story mode and not just another battle royale. Glad to see Valhalla actually looking pretty nice unlike the leaked footage. That one I blame on the person playing the game since whoever that was did a pretty basic gameplay with none of the cool stuff that's shown in this conference. Also, Gus Fring in Farcry 6. He already did fantastic work in Breaking Bad, and this is just his next chance to show some more charisma. I want him to surpass Vaas, so I hope he will have a lot of screentime unlike Pagan Min who isn't really a villain in that game, or Joseph Seed who also isn't really a villain since in the end he was just a misguided guy trying to save the world. All in all, it's a pretty nice conference. Shame there's no Beyond Good and Evil 2 but there's other stuff to make it fun.
  13. Last week
  14. Game: Her Story Platform: PC Play Time: 1.6 hrs For once, I'm at a loss for words as to how I felt about Her Story. All I found myself doing in this "game" was half-mindlessly typing words into a search box and watching a bunch of video clips - there's no actual gameplay to speak of here. I didn't even pay much attention to the story. I guess there's some sense of enjoyment to be gotten from filtering all of the useless bullshit and actually putting it together, but honestly, Her Story has a chance to become incredibly tedious unless you know what to look for. It certainly did for me. Not giving this one a rating yet, but I might do when/if I play it some more.
  15. I am so glad I found this wonderful world of fantasy. My daughter even writes an essay on the effect games and books have on reality perception. She wants to be a mentor for bookwormlab. Feeling proud of her!
  16. Been watching the show for a long time. So made the choice to join up. I'm on steam mostly currently living a deployed life overseas. Glad to be here and I look forward making great memories!
  17. At the beginning of the year, we started developing Business Heroes: Food Truck Simulation. A turn-based, business simulation game, where you start with a basic food truck and some supplies, then hustle your way up the entrepreneurial ladder to become a successful business hero. We wanted tycoon and business simulation game lovers to be involved in the design process, so we launched a discord server for this purpose. To spice things up, we created a meta-game in the discord server, called Burger Tycoon. It's quite similar to the game we are developing, just that it's text-based and lacks certain unique features of the main game. We host monthly tournaments in the meta-game. At the end of each month, the Stand or Franchise with the most amount of money and hourly income wins a $100 Amazon gift card. Our goal is to invite people interested in guiding the development of the Business Heroes game while they have fun playing the discord meta-game at the same time. Join us if you are interested: Enter the Business Heroes Discord Server
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  22. even by his own standard if you look at his previous 6/10 games none compare to this.and the problems with the story are nothing more than how some wanted them to be not actual event problems. and knit picking small details.that are meaningless or coulda shouda woulda scenerios
  23. Some of you may be aware of the game Mortal Shell, a new Soulslike game announced months ago that has ragdoll flying physics. For some reason. The game was in closed beta starting 2 days ago, but because so many people registered for the closed beta, the game dev decided "fuck it, it's now open beta. Have fun everyone!" And there you go. You can play the game's beta right now like what I'm going to do after this. All you need is to download it right here through Epic Game Store. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/mortal-shell/beta Enjoy, and prepare to die. HUAHAHAHAHAHA
  24. ............................... Actually no. I like the game, but I am aware that this is not a game that will make everyone happy. There's a lot of people that hated it, and also those that like it. But we definitely think this is not a perfect 10 out of 10 game that media outlets touted it to be because of the various problems the story has. Joe's simply telling what he thinks about the game after he completed it and thought over the entire game's story, and I completely understand it because many people also share his thoughts on it. If you just want to put typical stock troll youtube commenter copypasta, then just go back to youtube.
  25. you did it to follow the crowds or get hits to rate this game so low there can be no other excuse.you let us all down joe been following you for years.and I can honestly say you did yourself irreparable damage IMHO.YOUR TAINTED like all the rest
  26. I know people in the industry. I know it is true. To make things easier to understand, there are 3 main types of developers: 1. AAA (expensive as hell) 2. Independent (veterans who have left the AAA) 3. Indie (self taught or schooled, never involved with AAA) (could also be refereed to as 'home brew', as people get confused between 2 & 3) The problem right now, is that indie games is seen as a mixture of 2 & 3. As in, all indie game developers are the same thing. When in reality, it's safe to say that 2 & 1 are actually the same things. Also, when a true indie developer 'makes it', as in sells millions of copies, then there are basically AAA. How else do people define success? It's sad. It seems people are so confused. If you're a reviewer who claims to indie games, it helps to actually research who the actual developers are. Also keep in mind that - these days, companies get away with making fake reviews. They know how to get around loopholes in the law. Final note: 'Industry Standard' is a lie. It is a 'Monopoly' in disguise. Looking at you Adobe. If someone claims to be industry standard, they have an agenda. If everyone believes that 1 software package is the ONLY thing that will suffice, they are liars. If certain software packages are turned into 'a must', to get a simple job, it's a Monopoly. A lie. A farce. Wake up. Stop being pawns to creepy nerds who do not have good intentions. All they want is your money, and a Monopoly over industry. Which true Capitalism, does not, has not, will not ever support. And now we have video game reviewers who constantly rant on about how bad AAA games are, instead of helping the true indies. All I am saying, is give true indies a chance.
  27. ...AJ, please just ignore AAA (or just make the reviews for them like under 5 mins. Fu*&'em) The public needs you for exposure. As the only 'real' advertising, is giving Google or Facebook even more money, they don't even need. YouTube gets a few billion a year but they can't even implement basic stuff? Come on now. & Yes, I am basically yelling at you. I've emailed many 'top you-tubers', they must be too busy, or get too many emails because they hardly respond. They have enough time, to play AAA games, and get frustrated. Is the community awful? Well, believe it or not, the community is what you make it. WOW hu? Mind blowing stuff right there. I could easily say, it's all awful. I'm starting to hate you tubers for constantly falling into the trap of AAA. It's just the same thing over & over again.
  28. CD PROJEKT RED's 2015 Legendary 10 out of 10 classic the Witcher III is a monumental achievement in game crafting and story telling. Though amid it's successes, it had many failures. The Witcher 3 is not a "detective/investigation" game. Although Investigations play an important role in advancing the story. Though the developers didn't create a particularly rich experience. The Investigation Mechanic Is Almost Infantile when juxtaposed against the Witcher's themes. The Combat is nothing revolutionary. Fighting minor monsters is generic and repetitive, and fighting humans has no weight other than having to survive or slaughter. The Fast Travels System Is Novel But Can Be Tedious For New Players. Also, the crafting and mutation systems have never been tested in an other game. The Witcher III is not the brightest example game of any one system. In fact, most of the systems, when examined individually, can be an example of a poorly implemented one. The Witcher III Became A Legendary Entry Into The Video Game Archives was by delivering a powerful narrative that was cohesive enough to determined the game's systems. The Narrative of Witcher III is delivered with such conviction, that the simplistic game systems and untested innovations don't interfere with the delivery of the story. The Strength of Witcher III is convincing players they are a Witcher. And Although the Witcher III's systems are often bland, because players are convinced they are the only person who can solve monster human conflicts, players don't notice. In fact, if the investigation and combat systems were more delectable, they would have taken away from the experience. The systems would have gotten in the way. Witcher III Wild Hunt is a Fantasium of Imagination Because The Fantasium Was Allowed To Determine the Systems. PLAY MY GAME SPACE UTILITY LABOUR FORCE AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD aND wITHOuT mICROTRANSACTIONS WWW.GOVERSUSSTOP.CA
  29. Kholat is just a shameless exploitation of a real-life Dyatlov Pass Incident with complete nonsense thrown in + Sean Bean. The recent Blair Witch game is better than that game, and that game's not that good to begin with. Want a horror game? Cry of Fear's the best bet. And that game's free.
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