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Opinion On Call Of Duty

Opinion On Call Of Duty   73 members have voted

  1. 1. What Rating Would You Give The Franchise?

    • 10/10 Legendary
    • 9/10 Must Own
    • 8/10 Excellent
    • 7/10 Great
    • 6/10 Slightly Above Average
    • 5/10 Average
    • 4/10 Slightly Below Average
    • 3/10 Bad
    • 2/10 Terrible
    • 1/10 Garbage
  2. 2. What Seal Would You Give the Franchise?

    • Badass Seal Of Approval
    • Epic Fail Seal Of Disapproval
    • Neither

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36 posts in this topic

COd is o.k., nothing special but its fun to play if you got some time to kill.

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Revolutionized the FPS genre, killing MOH, but also ruining the FPS genre. - 9/10


A great return to the WW2 era with amazing multiplayer good story and...... zombies. - 9/10


The sequel to COD4, continued the great campaign, had a below average co-op mode, good multiplayer. - 8/10


A good game. Indirect sequel to W@W, decent multiplayer, but shown fatigue. And zombies. - 7.5/10


Awful. Decent campaign. Decent co-op. Awful multiplayer. - 4/10


Decent. Very below average campaign, pretty bad multiplayer. And more zombies. - 6/10


Sigh. I havent been able to finish the campaign because it is so boring. Multiplayer is only fun with friends. Extinction is the same way. - 6/10


CoD is a legendary series known by millions. But like all series, it's loved by many but will die soon.

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its a great franchise. those who say otherwise are either haters or BF fanboys mostly. i've never seen anyone who plays COD or isnt playing COD at all acting like a clown talking about it like its the garbage or garbage. being a popular franchise has indeed pulled in the hipsters of the internet including this year's reviewers.


well every year its the same thing. and every year a single phrase is enough to even turn them favorable to the game even for short periods of time.

"Its Call of Duty time." nuff said.

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I'm a huge fan of COD. The problem is not with the game. It's with Activision because their doing the money grab and it's with the pain in the ass little kids who aren't even old enough to buy the game who camp, drop shot and jump shot. They take all the fun out of the game.

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As many other said before me, the same it is for me - CoD is just again warmed coffee and this every single year.

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Eh its an entirely average game series, its had good ones bad ones, and a whole lot of completely pointless ones that don't count as full games (in fact if you ever bought all the dlc map packs well... you're both silly and have acquired what counts as a sequel in the series these days), Black Ops 2 just has so many orientation issues with your character and guys coming around corners and shooting me while on my screen they are still across the bend, shotguns that kill people at rather frustrating distance and while the people they're killing are not even on the shooters screen, more than anything though the community is garbage.

It doesn't have a community.


Its why I actually voted for the AJSA to play, it if we went in with a gentleman's code it has the potential to be enjoyable. as it stands though it tends to be a frustrating mess.

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I dont love COD and I dont hate it. Now during MW2 and black ops I was having a blast with mulitplayer. I just bought BLOPS2 and Ghosts out of hype mainly. Basically if I have somehwere to be and want to get a quick game in ill play 30min COD max or if I have a friend playing with me outside of that not as crazy about it as I use to be.

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I don't hate it but I also don't love it. It is a good game when you are bored and looking for something to do, but I wish it had a longer more indepth story line.

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I would probably give COD 4 a 7/10 cause it was good at the time, but the newer ones are just painfully average, maybe i'd rate treyarchs COD a little higher for innovation, but that's about it

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