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Hello AJSA, Liamania98 here.

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Hello there, Liamania98 Reporting.


Just a little about myself:


My name is Liam, (As you can probably tell from my damned obvious Screen Name.) and I'm 16 years old. 

Right now I'm attending high-school in Sydney, Australia, and working on becoming a video game journalist when I leave school for my college degree.

I've been traveling around the world with my family for 7 years in three different countries. Australia (My home country), Singapore, and Boston, Massachusetts, in The United States of America. We are finally back home to stay, and when I finish school I'm back to the USA to attend College in Austin or Dallas, Texas. 


I think that's enough about my personal life to allow for stalking and a manner of other devious things, but never-mind that.

We can now proceed with the good stuff, The Angry Army of course!


What I want to achieve by being part of the AJSA  gaming community:


Firstly, I am really looking forward to meeting and playing with you guys in this massive community. I really think AJ has made a terrific effort to bringing together gamers with the same passion for video games, and creating a well organized group that I am now proud to stand among.


I've been a fan of video games ever since my Mum and Dad got a PS2 when I was younger, and boy did I spend hours on that... My favorite kind of video game would have to be the strategy game genre, or any game that allows me to think a little further than "Shoot all the enemies and finish the level/ match". I love to play Planetside 2 for it's availability in a large variety of things I enjoy in most FPS games, and the massive amount of strategy you can apply by running a small squad of your friends to complete objectives.


The things I really want to achieve through you guys would be helping me hone my skills at becoming a better journalist for games. I would love if you guys gave me some feedback here on the forums about how my reviewing is going and what I need to do to improve. Thanks so much for reading all of this stuff and hearing me out, I'll see you out there on the front lines. 


Liamania98 out, cheers!


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Welcome to the angry army Liam! Make sure to check out our teamspeak if you wanna play with fellow memebers of the angry army, new active memebers in our community are always appreciated. :D

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