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Rust - Anyone else having fun with it?

6 posts in this topic

I am completely in love with Rust at the moment, the game is much smoother and polished than DayZ and the plethora of other zombie survival games currently available (In my opinion, you can enjoy whatever you wish).


The first night I had the game I stumbled across two guys with shacks, we met and I made my house with them. Over the next hour the area expanded and we eventually had a walled town with 20-30 people inside it! We would go on hunting expeditions, craft together, socialize and take turns on tower watch duty. Unfortunately on the sixth night while I was inside my shack the town was set upon by bandits with automatic weapons, they murdered everyone who couldn't get to their house in time. I was petrified with fear of them hearing me so I didn't dare move until morning when some of the other survivors came back.


Needless to say that was awesome!


Who else has had some time with the game? I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories!

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Yeah I love rust i got 5 British friends i play with and i logged about 30 hours in it

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It's great playing with friends. But it's boring if you're alone. Good luck finding a friendly group in-game, everyone's so paranoid these days.

ExoHelix likes this

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Went round to a friends after he got it yesterday.


Semi nekkid men running round killing each other to loot what little they had on them.


I'm not a fan of the full loot pvp rule set, had fun with it years ago and got bored, so think i'll be giving this one and 7 Days to Die a wide berth.

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I been hearing the name Rust for a bit now. Doing some looking into the game, watched the trailer and one of the player reviews being "A lot of naked men throwing rocks and trying to survive against zombies, animals and other naked men.". After reading that I had to get it.

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