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Project Nimbus (Funded) - Alpha started

16 posts in this topic





This is a mech game that lets you fly freely in the sky, dodge and intercept incoming missiles with machine guns, fight armies of hostiles with every kind of modern weapon you can imagine, Battle against numerous powerful colossal opponents with the power to annihilate armies, engage with many ace BattleFrame pilots, each has unique fighting styles and stories.



294 330 457 486 798 899 1,015 1,146 1,198 Backers
£3,230 £4,070 £5,361 £6,051 £9,866 £13,092 £14,282 £17,101 £17,689 pledged of £6,000 goal
27 24 20 5 61 13 days hours to go Ended



£6000 - Initial Goal:

There are some reasons why the initial goal is very low. One of them is: this is the lowest amount of money required just to make this game see the day’s light. And the cost of living in Thailand is very low. This is the minimal money that we need to sustain life until the game reach the first launchable state.

The distance between the first extended goal and the initial goal is quite far since all of the money we received under the stretched goal will be used in game polishing. We really want this game to shine and there will be a lot to do to get there.

At this time, let’s pray… Just that we can reach this goal.

Besides the fact that I like mechs (fast and slow :P ), I really think these guys should be given the chance for their game to get a good start. I have no illusions about their strechgoals, it is probably too niche and they dont have much in the way of pledge tiers (though they have added some due to our comments B) ).

You can get the game (steam key and they have mentioned Desura as a likely option for DRM-free versions) for 6£ (about ~10$) so there is a looong way to go, even with nearly a month to go, so give it a read and see if you'd like to support them aswell.

*Edited because I am a dumb ass that can't tell the difference between the CODE button and the QUOTE button <_<



Stretch Goals (added as it is now above its funding goal):

£6000 - Initial Goal

£7000 Mac Version

£7500 Game’s level will be completed with machinima cutscenes
To make our game come to life and breathing, we would like to make cinematic animation of various event in the game. Many Battle Frames and capital ship will be seen close up in actions. We’ll make sure that the cutscenes will not interrupt the game’s playing experience. It will be rendered using the game engine itself. With Unreal Technology, this can be done conveniently. We really want to do this.

£8700 Sandbox Mode
In sandbox mode, players create missions as desired, experiment with as many things as you want. The possibility in playing is unlimited. Want to see massive fleet battles? You got it. Want to see a showdown of super weapons? Sure, here it is! Want to play as grunt armies and swarm a hero mech? Here you go. The possibilities are endless.

£9400 - Oculus Rift Support + First Person HUD View

£13,000  - Survival mode, fight against alien swarm.

£16,000 - Extended story campaign
More side characters' missions and more Spetnaz’s side story. (Currently, most of the missions in the story campaign are Mithril’s.) If you’d like to play as Russian guys longer, let us reach this point. To make the game more complete.

£20,000 - Full Cockpit view (with Oculus Rift Support)
Each BattleFrame will have different cockpit. The game will support Oculus Rift and you’ll be able to turn your head and look around like you’re really piloting that flying giant mech.

£22,000 - Strike Packs
Each BattleFrame will be given a variety of strike packs with different armaments to choose from.

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New video up, this one about focusing and boosts, link to their youtube channel is:


Oh and they have added a Kickstarter exclusive mech, but no real info yet, besides where it belongs in the different generations of mechs:


Well. Long story short, it's that Mirai stolen and modified with UCN (Russian) parts and armaments. Although much different in detail, It shall have equivalent power to that white winged Battle Frame you guys familiar with.


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wait wait wait.... Game with Gandam Mechs? :o sweeeeeeeet it been a while we havent seen a game like that. I remember there was a game that you control a mech like that and you went though missions etc but don't remember the name damm it :(

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So they added a new tier between Ace and Remember Me (Squadron Commander at £50) but there was only 15 slots and they were gone instantly. They have added more Remember Me slots and there are currently 20 left:

30 GBP "REMEMBER ME" tier. Get yourself into the game's universe. You'll appear as a pilot in Battle Frame you choose in the custom color you like, fighting for the faction you believe in. The HUD name will display your name of choice and you can leave 3-4 messages (defeated/engaging/arriving/anything) with your character, it can be your own submit voice or you can have our voice actor do it. Your machine will be a little bit stronger than a normal machine so the player will spend a little bit more time fighting with you.



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Well, seems I was "abit" off on the stretchgoals, NICE!.

They have released a new proof of concept video, with a WIP beam saber (by popular demand).

As long as it is balanced I dont really mind either way, but it is cool to see them go as far as make a concept video on something people wanted to see.


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Looks great but I'd be wary about projects that cost this low :/ Personal preference certainly, but I think I'll wait for reviews of the full release.

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Sure, but a small team from Thailand that obviously have had some of the game done before comming to kickstarter, might not need that much to keep going. I think it was pretty clear from the get go, that they wanted enough cash to get it released on steam (it is greenlit) with their very low pledge levels and anymore would firstly go into polishing up the game and _then_ move on to more ambitious stretchgoals.

Also consider the actual game, it isnt really on Torment or Mandate complexity so the workload seems much more reasonable.

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Missed this thread but I saw the game on Kickstarter today anyway and backed it.


Looks great but I'd be wary about projects that cost this low :/ Personal preference certainly, but I think I'll wait for reviews of the full release.


The project doesn't cost that little, it has already been worked on in the past and there have been some great lower budget titles on Kickstarter.

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I'm an armored core fan, especially of 4A... and this game is strikingly similar to it in the plot and gameplay (and giant bosses plus how they swing their beam sabres)... Not to mention a possible reference to Full Metal Panic! with MITHRIL being a faction...

With that said...


This got me hooked at "High speed mech action." and "Fly freely."


Kinda shocked that the devs are in Thailand though. Goes to further show that promising games can come from anywhere.

I don't even mind the graphics. Brings me back to when I played this one mech game all the time at my local arcade...


That sand box bit has me excite bike for it...

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Nice to see that they made it passed $16,000.

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Yeah, hehe and those extra spots for ace and squadron were just gone right away. 13 Hours left, for those of you on the fence :)

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Alpha has been released, including an update with minor fixes and controller support.



Backers (with Beta Access option), please check your message box. The download link is there.

- This release is a survival gameplay. It shall able to introduce you to PN's basic gameplay. We want to hear opinion from you so we can fix and adjust it.

- The code name of this alpha is "Sky Shooter".

- We're going to upload Mac version of this build in a few days. A little bit more tuning work left.

- You can adjust graphic quality in main menu's option. It range from Very Low to Very High to 'Graphic Card Melt' option.

- Since Amazon S3 is easier (and much cheaper) to use than we though, it's very possible that we can upload newer version of the built every often, maybe every several days or even everyday.

- Joypad controller is not properly configured yet. It'll be done in the next upload.

- If you encounter any problem, please tell. We'll try to fix it in the next upload.

- We're going to release another alpha - story campaign one soon. It will cover the story of the first ACT of the game (from total 4 ACT). The first ACT shall be around an hour long.


How to control

W A S D (+ E,C) - Movement

Left Click - Fire

Right Click - Target Lock

Middle Mouse - Blade

Space Bar - Tap for Quick Boost, Hold for Normal Boost

Shift - Bullet Time

1,2,3,4,5 - Switch weapons

F - Flare

R - Reload

Q - Switch between FES mode.


We hope you enjoy the alpha built. We're waiting to hear from you so we can adjust it in future built. :)


I have 3 thoughts about it.

- I suck at aiming with a controller
- I suck at everything but aiming with mouse+keyboard
- I really like it, even though I am terrible, but hopefully that is something I can overcome with practice. It has been years since I've played anything remotely like this.

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Good lord those controls. Looks hard to master, but it looks like once you've got them down, you're good to go.

But gosh. Those controls are everywhere....

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It's out for everyone on Steam now.

Early access.





Nevermind it being early access...

It's amazing. It's a mash up of ZOE, Ace Combat, Armored Core, and various Gundam games in terms of gameplay. Primarily Ace Combat and Armored Core (4A).

And references out the ass......

In short, once it's fully released, it'll hopefully be one of the greatest mecha games on PC. I have high hopes. I do wish they eventually put in customization and some sort of multiplayer. Can't wait for the sandbox mode though.

Edited by Sol Omega

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