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Rust Starting Tips

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A lot of people starting out can't figure out even the simplest things like cooking so i figured i would do a small tutorial here.When you start out in Rust all your going to have is a torch, a rock, and 2 bandages. Your going to be naked and cold and spawned randomly some where on the map.


The first thing your going to want to do is take your rock and smack a few trees and a couple rocks (the ones in the middle of fields, mountains won't work)  and make yourself a stone hatchet. To craft that stone hatchet you need to open up the inventory and look at the top of your screen where craft is one of your options and you will get a list of things you can craft, the stone hatchet will be one of the first things you see.


Alright now you got your hatchet, your probably getting hungry from smacking those tree and rocks so you need to hunt something and get some food. I advise avoiding any wolves or bears because your stone hatchet is not that great, you can kill them but your gonna want to go for a pig or a chicken or rabbit and just chase it around and hatchet it to death. Now hatchet it a bunch and get the loot from it and you will see that the chicken is raw (yes its chicken don't question it) you need to cook it or get poisoned when you eat it.


To cook that chicken you need to craft a campfire. The process is the same as before get whatever wood you need, make it, then drag it into your 1-6 keys and put the fire on the ground, try to put it somewhere out of sight if you can because its light and that attracts people that want to kill you. look at the campfire and hold e and look at the menu on the right there are 3 cook slots, throw your chicken in there, like the fire and just wait for it to cook. The most efficient way to cook is to split the meat into the 3 seperate tabs so it goes faster. Eat what you need and keep the rest for later.


Next your gonna want to put some cloths on and make a bow so you can finally start defending yourself from more aggressive animals, zombies and other players. That is all handled in the crafting menu and i already mentioned how to get the things your gonna need to make the bow and the arrows for it.


Now that you have upgraded from a naked barbarian with a rock your going to want to build a house somewhere of your choosing out of wood, up until now i had you just hitting near by trees but this is going to require more wood so your better off finding the piles of wood that will be in the same area of rocks for stones and ores. Build a foundation and then add 3 walls and a door way, for now your gonna have to go with wood until you can get the metal for a metal door. Throw a door on that little shack and then build a sleeping bag and put it inside and you got your first house. The sleeping bag will act as a spawn point when you die from now on, after you die there is a 5 minute period where if you die again you will spawn random again, in that case i would just wait a few minutes then kill yourself somehow or just hit F1 to bring up the console and just type suicide and spawn back home.


Now in Rust it is extremely easy to get lost because you have no compass and you have no map so you have to base everything off of where the sun is and landmarks that you have figured out for yourself. You don't want to build a house then entirely lose track of where it is and have to make a new one or wander forever looking for it. Just remember that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and keeping that in mind you should be able to find your way around. I don't advise traveling at night if you can avoid it because that is when raiders are out and about and its almost impossible to see and of course you don't have the sun. Eventually you will figure things out and find land marks that will help you find your way around but until then rely on the sun.


Alright i mentioned before that you don't have a metal door yet, you're gonna want to fix that because a wooden door can be hatcheted down and people can take your stuff and kill you in your sleep because thats just the kind of world Rust is. A metal door can be hatcheted down but it takes hours and no one is gonna do it, and most people won't waste c4 on a small shack so your gonna want the metal door. To make one you need 200 metal fragments but all you have at this point is metal ore from the rocks you have been mining. To fix that you need to craft a furnace in your little shack and throw all your metal and sulfur in there and then light the fire on it. This will act just like cooking and the ore will turn into fragments (the sulfur will turn into sulfur powder that you will eventually use to make gunpowder and then bullets but you don't need that quite yet). Once you have enough fragments you should build the new metal door and hatchet the old one down yourself, it won't seem like your doing much at first but the door will eventually go down. Just wait a few minutes once the door is down and put your new metal door down, it won't let you instantly because they don't want people just stealing each other's bases by putting doors down. Something you should know now is that only you can open or close your door so only you have access to your shack as of now.


Now that you have metal fragments you should make a better hatchet if you haven't already and farm a lot more and make some storage crates and make your little shack a good little house of stuff. Once you do that your going to want to learn how to make new things like guns and better cloths then the cloth you are wearing and to do that you need zombies. There are 3 types of zombie, they all drop the same stuff but its best to know them. The normal zombie is red and goes at a normal pace at you and can be brought down in one arrow, the black zombies are very slow but they take 4 arrows to bring down and hit a little harder, the 3rd zombie is a brighter red (im color blind maybe its just red idk) but it sprints and will catch up to you quick and also takes 1 arrow to bring down. These zombies will drop blueprints that you can study and learn a thing immediately or they might drop actual things that you don't have which you can learn how to make through research kits. Research kits are one time uses that drop off zombies, usually with a few pieces of paper,  all you gotta do is make a workbench (your probably have one in your house by now because some things require it to craft) click the research kit and mouse it over the thing you want to learn how to make and bam you can make that thing from now on. Just keep on doing this until you learn how to make basically everything, be wary though other players will be out there and they will not hesitate to kill and take your stuff so try and travel light so you don't lose to much from this.


Alright now that you know how to make stuff and you know how to gather stuff you can move on to the more advanced stuff like making guns and bullets and better cloths and a better house that could be made of metal entirely but i'm sure at this point you pretty much have the hang of it.


Feel free to add any other tips you may have or correct me on things but hopefully this should be helpful to any brand new Rust player. Good Luck!

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Real men just build a hut and fight with rocks.

They also turn off nudity censor. Let it feel the wind bro let it feel the wind.

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