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The Difference between Beta and Early Access

4 posts in this topic

In Joe's latest video, he talked about being sick of Betas that weren't Betas at all. Either being a broken version of the full game, or just a "paid preview".


For this reason, I wanted to know what defines a Beta and/or Early Access version of a game for you.


Do you agree that Betas should not be stretched out for prolonged periods just to make more money?


Why do you think so many companies are turning to this "release what we have, finish it later" style of distributing?


What can we do about it, if anything?


Thank you for your time.

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Simple, devs make your bloody games then release them, matter solved.








Ok so that doesn't actually solve the matter but there you have it.

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I agree with Joe. A Beta shouldn't cost money to participate in, and have big focus on in game transactions, solely for the purpose of making more money. It needs to focus on allowing players to you know, Beta Test the damn game In these days, Beta Test has almost become synonymous with, like Joe says, paid previews. From the Beta videos I've seen and participated in, there's not a whole lot of testing and fixing going on, mostly just fundraising. Battlefield 4 had an open Beta Test, but apparently that was just for show and tell, 'cause they fixed fuckall by release, and now look at what's happened.


Developers needs to step back, and reconsider this growing trend of paid previews. I would like to say though, that for Indie Games in particular, Early Access and such have my full support. Indie developers don't have a giant Publisher throwing money at them, so I think It's alright for them scrounge up money where they can, so long as they can take responsibility for their product in the end.

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I've got a few games in early access and I only regret one of them (Rust, it fucking sucks). 


As far as beta's go .... they used to serve a purpose. Now they are more "come see what we have" rather than a stage in releasing a finished product.

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