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Craft Mjolnir

6 posts in this topic

So I have a big Norn Guardian and I want to craft him a sweet weapon. I decided on Mjolnir as it doesn't require an overpriced precursor.

Any advice from you all on the best way to farm those 350 charged lodestones?


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Hey man. 350 Charged Lodestones is expensive, so Ill break down a few excellent money making guides on Guild Wars 2:


1: The best money making method is simply doing daily dungeon runs. CoF, Arah (P1 and P2) CoE etc. For the dungeon tokens you dont need, buy some rare armour for 30 tokens a piece and salvage them with master kits. It is 10g on a bad day and 20 Golds if you use your enitre play day.

2: Flipping on the Trading Post. Its a little hard getting into this, but oh boy does it pay off. I am rather bad at explaining this stuff, so check out a few guides on the internet and youll expand your bank fast.

3: Simply level up your characters. So if you want to have a hoard of level 80 guys, go for map completion. It is fun to try out a new charcater and explore the world. It also helps you boost your Karma points. Tip: Get to level 20-40 before seeriously going for map completion. It will yield higher rewards when you do quests at a higher level.

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Don't forget to do the daily and monthly achievements... it also gives you some karma, money and a mystic coin

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1 Dungeons runs, this will give loads of gold and a few karma.

2 Worldbosses, You will most likely find at least one rare besides from the gold and karma that you can salvage with a master kit and get ectos.

3 Activities, 600-1000 karma after every round. one round is about 2-3 minutes.

4 Dailes and monthlies, karma gold and mystic coins. You also get laurels which you can spend in your legendary progress but I don't recommened it cause it's a bad trade.

And then the excellent points Gasai said.

This should get you far enough man ;)

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Thanks for the tips guys! will keep you all updated....

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