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Dr. Xeno Pootis

Livestream Improvements/Other Needs

2 posts in this topic

Well after watching several streams of both AngryJoe, AJSA_Delrith, and AJSAGaming I feel empty. Mainly Delrith and Gaming streams, those do not have much enthusiasm and made me feel a bit bored honestly. (Not trying to be mean here <_<) I mean, there's not enough "HOLLYWOOD MICHAEL BAY ACTION IN 3D FIVE STARS" stuff in those livestreams (except for Joe's streams). Delrith/Gaming streams should be a little similar to Joe's streams. Those streams that are unpopular (they usually have 16-50 people watching which is way too low) but they are really competitive and downright serious. The streams need just a little comedy and action, followed with long discussions. 


By the way, Delrith/Gaming streams are really good (maybe nostalgic) to watch. You guys should really check them out. However, I keep seeing people coming on the streams and thought Joe was streaming. (A bit ridiculous) Then they quit the streams and just never stay. I was annoyed at least. 


On the other hand, the community really needs to get involved a bit more. ​When games are approved officially, a lot of people come on the game. Then, after a few days the game's clan/guild has only a few people online. This also applies to Teamspeak 3, which there is not a lot of people in it. (Come on guys Teamspeak also has chat and mic. Don't be afraid. We accept everyone. Even if you are 12 or any other age) See, when a game gets approved (the topic usually has a lot of views and posts) I would expect a lot of people ingame and in teamspeak. However, out of all those views and posts there is not much people ingame. For example, SWTOR. It was approved and had a bunch of views/posts. Then after a while, not much people came on.


I made this because some of these things got on my nerves a bit.

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My streams are usually 99% hilarity.


lol. You just watched the one out of 300 today where I was being serious and practicing for realsies.


Haha, tune in later my friend!

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