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"Scavenger corner". Athread for people who like to seek for old, historic things.

4 posts in this topic

Hi, its me AGAIN ^^. Shooting threads out of my fingers like a machine gun :)

This thread is for people who love history in a very special way. I mean a way, when you want to touch it, dig it, and etc.
As we know proffesional archeology is not for everyone, also its a pretty expensive bussiness. So, many people buy metal detectors, or search for some interesting things around their houses, attics or basements. This thread is for such people.

Personally, i like to walk trough a forest with a metal detector. But in Poland it can be both, gravely dangerous and illegal. There is a law that says, that everything that is 15 below the ground level, is a property of country. Fortnately, the law is pretty much dead, and nor police, nor courts takes seriously cases when people dig up things. Why? Because without such people nobody would know that these thing exist (like a Valentine Mk. V Tank, found in a swamps, where river was in 40s). Few weeks ago, some guy DONATED to a local museum approximately 50 AX BLADES, 6 Medieval helmets, around 70 various parts of armor and more. Museum manager went to court about this (wanted the man to be punished for thievery and maybe even grave robbing!). Fortunately, the court staff just laughed at a guy ^^.

So, where do you seek your trasures? and what did you found lately? 

Last week i went to a local forest. Found about 2 kilograms of Austro-Hungarian 8x50mm Mannlicher bullet shells. According to marks on the shells, all of them were made between May and July 1913, in Mannfred Weiss factory, Budapest.

Also, i found one igniter for a bomb or artillery round. Made in Volkswagen factory (IIWW). Around a kilometer away of the one i found another, and this time i was scared shitless, cuase it was attached to a round. Altough after very carefoul close look it occured, that its attached only to the shell top, which could be put on, and dismounted from rest of the bomb (definately bomb, igniter was bigger, very characteristic, and the top shell was looking like a one of the 50-100 kg air bomb. Igniter didnt went off.

Few houndred meters away i found rusted Nagant revolwer, but it didnt survive extracting from the ground. 

Other things that i found around my place of living.

An 1867 bayonet for a German or Austrian military police squads. Was in my grandmas room, on a bookshelf, and everyone thought that its a common russian WWI bayonet. When i did research it occured, that there is only one other beyonet of this type in poland, in a museum. But, mine is in so great condition, that if i had military record, i could even say which unit was it used for, because numbers are still very easy to read.

Few days ago my uncle found in his own house, on a very old bookshelf 3 books. 

1. An 1880 Russian bilogy textbook "Three Kingdoms of Nature".
2. A 1941 edition of german textbook for pilot's "Fliegt Mit". Althought cover is in very bad conditions, the rest of the book is untouched. Also, there is a signature of last owner, dated on 1944.
3. Some romance book, but the book in this case is irrelevant. The thing that is great about this one, are personal notes of a owner, probably a local doctor or grave digger. On last 3 blank pages, there is a list of people (By names) that died during plague that happened in my town around 1890. To that day, most of people thought it was just a local legend, because noone of the old citizens never spoke about it.

What did you managed to find ^^?

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i got a pocketwatch dating back from 1874 that i found while renovating a old house :D fuckign awsome it is

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Never found anything personally, but at least my country is very supportive of amateur archaeologists. A few months ago, some guy found a whole bunch of gold jewelry from the Viking age, but like in Poland, all such finds legally belong to the government. They do issue a finders fee however, so there's that. I actually approve of that law, It'd be incredibly selfish to hide historical treasures.

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I think that better law is the one that UK has. There, anything thats on or in YOUR land is yours BUT if you want to sell it museum have right to buy it first. you cant legally sell it to anyone, if museum want to buy it ;)

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