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Favorite Nintendo Console of all time

Favorite Nintendo Console   20 members have voted

  1. 1. Favorite Nintendo Console

    • Nintendo Entertainment System
    • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    • Virtual Boy
    • Nintendo 64
    • GameCube
    • Wii
    • WiiU

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7 posts in this topic

I know I haven't added any of the handheld systems, but in all honesty I feel like that belongs in it's own forum, if you want I'll make it, but for now I'm curious on your favorite home console from Nintendo, after all they've been around for almost 40 years, since they made consoles during the 70's, but only been releasing them in Japan, and made quite a few consoles, now which ones are your favorite

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Nintendo 64 and virtual boy were the first videogames i ever played, they will stay in my heart forever

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GameCube just for Metroid :)

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Chose Gamecube due to countless hours on Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and of course, Mario Party 7

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I'll go with the SNES because it is the one I spent the most time with and still love to play the games on it. It's library is massive and has some of the greatest games ever created imo

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voted for SNES. many good memories of many great games, great gameplay and awesome soundtracks.

- Secret of Mana

- Secret of Evermore

- Terranigma

- Zelda, a Link to the past

- Illusion of time

- Final Fantasy I -VI

- Chrono Trigger

- Super Metroid

- Super Castlevania IV

- TMNT in Time

- Super Mario World

- Super Mario All Stars

- F- Zero

- Fifa 96

- Soccer Shootout

- Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

- Mortal Kombat 2

- NBA Jam TE

- Doom

- Super Double Dragon

- Megaman X

- Starfox

- Sim City

- The Lost Vikings

- Super Contra


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