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Why Daisy must get to Super Smash Bros WiiU

Daisy in Super Smash Bros WiiU   13 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you think Daisy Should get into Super Smash Bros WiiU

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    • No (say why, lets discuss a bit)

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Oh boy is good to have somewhere to write this down somewhere, and somewhere meaningfull.




Ok lets begin, Name's Krauserlols and Super smash Bros WiiU is probably the only reason i will buy the WiiU, seriously.

Anywho some things have bugged me about it, like the Wii Fit trainer who i dont really thing it fits around a fighting game where its suposed to feature Nintendo's all stars (and some guess every now and then) but as they show more characters i have seen more pleasant surprices like the Villager (whos moveset is looking briliant btw), the comeback of Sonic, and even Rosalina.

But will all this good characters coming there is someone who has been overlooked and deserves a chance in my opinion, that is my beloved Daisy. Lets talk a bit about her.


Those who have played Mario games for quite a long time know that Daisy has quite a reputation behind her, she was the first damsel of Mario in Super mario Land where Sarasaland was been invaded my an Alien named Tatanga (i love his name). Alos Sarasaland is a diferent Kingdom from the "Mushroom Kingdom" where Peach rules.

Something to curious to note is that Daisy seems to spend most of her time in Mushroom Kingdom to atemt every Sport even there is but is never around when Bowser invades, some may say its because shhe runs away when he appears but knowing Daisy i think its the other way around, maybe is Bowser who waits till Daisy leaves to invade. Think about it.

Maybe this video can ilustrade my point better:


Normally all Mario characters have powers that suit their personality, Mario has Fire (dont make start talking about him), Luigi has... normally fire too but that Negative zONE is pretty weird, Wario has his farts (warfs i think he calls em), Peach usually flowers and Waluigi... hes special.

Now when Super manrio Striker charged came they had to really up their game and its one of the few Nintendo games where you are going to see their characters REALLY want to tear each other appart (outside of SMB serie). In here most character has the normal norm of powers that trylu fit their style and personalities: Mario and Luigi go giant and use fire for their Super Strikers,  Wario farts to nock people out and aparently blows himself up for his Super Striker (i guess the idea was that he swallows it and then shot it out of his ass), Peach sealed people in pictures and kinda beccames an angel of sorts to shoot her SS, Waluigi uses Vines to both block people and wip the ball, Bowser shoots fire and so on but when Daisy comes its totally diferent.

coming from the Party games and some sport games Daisy usually used Flowers but here she aparently has control over Cristals wich looks VERY BADASS.

I think that in this game is where Daisy truly shines, her personality right in your face, mocking at her oponents and if you try to fight her? CRYSTAL SAMSH BITCHES! and in her Super Striker she call to a Crystal Gauntled to munch the ball. Shes pretty dam badass.


Sadly when it comes to the Mario serie their characters tent to be... bland, especially the main ones. Thing about it, Mario is a Hero and... yeah thats that, Peach is as bland as it goes as she doesnt really have much dialong beside "Mario save me" and Toad is just.. there, hes kinda creepy at times though.

But when you see the "Support" or secondary characters things get more interresting the further you go: Luigi at least you can tell hes kind of a coward but when needed he can overcome it and do the work (see Luigi Mansion), Wario is really greedy and will stop at nothing to get the money, seriously nothing oh and its a BIG time narcisist (any Wario games, especially Wario World and Warioland 1 and 2), Waluigi is an interresting case as he seems greedy like his "brother" (its never said if they are actually brothers) but he also hate himself, hes kind of an emo.

Ok im getting out of topic... Daisy personality is pretty diferent from normal Woman in the Kingdom, Shes a tompboy, showoff amd while friendly is pretty competitive. She doesnt give a crap about Mario or the others, when the game is on she is in to win it, and it shows. Also shes kind of an asshole compared to the other "heroes" like Peach or Mario. In all games Daisy appear she will call bullshit when she looses (not saying crap but you get the point) and will mock you, she will make you feel her superiority, and we love her for that. Normally she is a bit subtle (Mario Kart, Sports) but once again is in Strikers Charged when she her true self is really shown, seriously look at some Videos of her at Youtube and you will see what i mean.


Boy where do i begin.... I dont get why so many people hate her, no wait i know why: shes too diferent from the normal girls around nintendo. SHe breaks the mold of the traditional helpless damsel that needs to be save, sure she was kipnapped once but it was an Alien army, as far as we know Sarasaland hasnt been attack since or if it has Daisy seems to be keeping things straight.

Unlike Peach or Zelda, Daisy is more active, kind of childish and quite an asshole when she wins. But i ask again WHY ISNT SHE IN A SMB WII U! She has all the pros to join: Alot of personality (and a perfect personality for a fighting game), those crystal powers can be expanded upon a more badass skillset to a fighting game and she also has quite a following. Not to mention she would feel at home whit female badasses like Samus and... i admit it Zelda is slowly becoming quite a badass... if only Nintendo made her the Heroine once... dont get me wrong she still has more Heroic history than peach so yeah...

Another tough girl would be good in the roster.

I just want the lesser character to give them a chance. Look at Pit for example, he was reborn in brawl and got a game on its own, hell even Waluigi made a cameo as an assist trophy. So why not giving Daisy a chance to join the fight and who knows maybe she can get a game on her own. I would love to see her as the Heroine or why not be Daisy and Peach who save the day? if you want to give peach the main role once more.

This is just me looking for some Justice for a character i think deserves more than just appearing in spinnoff games. PLZ NIMTEMDO UNITE THE TRINITY OF MARIO FEMALES!

I hope i got my point across and that you enjoyed reading it as much as i had writting it. Please comment and vote on the poll and ENJOY THE RIDE!


All art and video belongs to their respective owners!

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Dasiy's main thing was standing around saying 'Hi I'm Daisy' over and over again, besides that she hasn't been in any games besides Sport game, Kart game and Party games, hardly enough to make a decent move set out of.

At this point in time I would say the love that Roselina is getting lately pretty much knocks Dasiy out of the running for Smash, She'll probably have to settle for a Peach recolour job again.

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Dasiy's main thing was standing around saying 'Hi I'm Daisy' over and over again, besides that she hasn't been in any games besides Sport game, Kart game and Party games, hardly enough to make a decent move set out of.

At this point in time I would say the love that Roselina is getting lately pretty much knocks Dasiy out of the running for Smash, She'll probably have to settle for a Peach recolour job again.

Well Peach havent done ANYTHING besides been kipnaped over and over and over and over again, well she was playable in Super Mario Advance (i dont know the name of the original) but as we know that was accidental as nintendo needed a fourth character and now she was replaced whit a second Toad, way to go nintendo.

Anyways she didnt do anything herself before her appearance in Smash and somehow she got in whit frying pans, vegetables and an explosive ass (as much as i hate her thats silly but awesome) so if Daisy has appeared in almost all spin offs of Mario whit quite a variety of Flower powers, and the super awesome Crystal ones in Strikers Charged, whats stopping nintendo to implement her?

Nintendo are no fools you know, they have shown time and time again their imginations put on their main series (Mario and Zelda) so i cant see why they cant come up whit a great moveset for Daisy in the upcoming Smash game

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There's so many other characters that need to be put in smash besides daisy I think this roster is supposed to somewhere around 35 to 40 characters that's what Sakurai said. She needs to be more relevant than being in mario party games, sports, etc in order to be placed in smash. The Wii Fit trainer was chosen because the Wii Fit games are actually current and have there's always an obscure character like R.O.B and Game n Watch in every iteration of smash   

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Looking past the obvious lack of proofreading here, there a bunch of problems with your...campaign. Here's why Daisy shouldn't be in Smash Bros.

1. Princess Who?

No one knows Daisy outside of the sports games. Why would Nintendo waste precious time, money, resources and a whole character slot on a character no one ever cared about, and that doesn't have any sort of story arc?

2. No signature moves

Crystals? Really? Look, Bowser transforms into a DEMON in Mario Strikers Charged, but that doesn't mean it's his main ability. He only ever does that in that game! With that mindset, Daisy's main power isn't crystals. Daisy has no moves or powers or anything like that because she is not, in any way, a significant character. If anything, she would be a Peach clone.

3. Peach, Peach and more Peach


4. Daisy is annoying

"Hi, I'm Daisy" is now repeating in your head for all of eternity.

5. Personality? Character dynamics?

She's a tomboy. That's as far as it goes.

6. Literally no one likes Daisy

Not because she's a damsel in distress, just because there's nothing to like.

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i don't see why she shouldn't be in smash since they are putting Roselina who has really only appeared in four games and that's it, while daisy has been in most of the sports games and party games.

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Dude, we had daisy in SSBB, sure it was a skin for Peach, but that's all we can get out of Daisy.

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Omg daisy would be amazing; she has MUCH more personality than peach. How can people argue with you with "she's annoying" i mean really?!

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