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Which colossus would win in a fight

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If all of the colossi in Shadow Of The Colossus had a huge battle royale? Which would win? Im thinking one of the serpents (dirge or hydrus) would survive the longest, but dirge can only attack opponents on the ground (ruling out phalanx, avion, hydrus, and maybe malus) while hydrus could only attack anyone in the water (ruling out basically everyone smart enough to not enter the water). Who would win?

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Well I would say Manus obviously, due to the fact he can attack any of the other colossi no matter the range with his powerful lightning magic attacks, along with his size, plus unlike the other colossi his only weak spot is his head, which is directly on top of his forehead and right in the middle, making it hard for any other colossi to get to besides the flying colossi but even then, none of those really have any attacks besides perhaps Avion, since it has claws but even then it would be tough. Though Manus doesn't move though, he does technically have feet so it could be possible which would make him tougher. Really his only weakness is the fact he didn't move. So yeah easily I give it to Manus.

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