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Should The AJSA Domination server max out at 32 than 64?

Should the Domination server max at 32?   10 members have voted

  1. 1. Should the AJSA Domination Server Max at 32 than 64?

    • Yes
    • No

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2 posts in this topic

Domination isn't the best for 64 players in my own opinion but I want your guys' opinion! as the population of the server increases, so does its max players maxing out at 64. 64 players just turn into giant clusters where it literally becomes the spawn step die formula. Domination maps are just too small for 64 people even if its great to have such a population on the servers, I believe it'd be best for the max to be at 32 to avoid this cluster. Hopefully I created this right and the poll is above! Enough about me, I want to hear from you guys! the fellow members!

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(in regards mostly to operation locker)


64 players in the dom server feels far more fun to me, gives me a chance to park up with my favourite LMG in a doorway up or downstairs at C or outside and increase my headcount from silly buggers thinking they can rush a good LMG position and get me a ban on our servers again from running into my fire or lying down in front of me for easy head shot kills :/


As long as its no explosives, it feels fun for me, i have heard why others dislike it but i cant agree for myself. As long as its no explosives it forces people to actually use tactics, sadly not always the case and it ends up being a camp fest as no one pushes, but as above, i like seeing my K/D get better on servers like that. Like playing as support and that one seems to benefit the role especially if they have an LMG and a good aim Either for holding down a choke point or as a semi decent sniper / anti sniper.


Maybe im on my own about that, but the fewer people on a server the harder its been for me to get my aim better (quicker and more accurate to the neck/dorito area) as im often caught off guard by those far better at the game, with higher numbers, the skill level drops a lot and actually gives me a better chance at getting down more practice at kills. So much so i ran through my shotgun class in a day on those maps, easily taking out people and keeping my accuracy high. Sadly this would actually not benefit players as the fairplay system doesnt like you getting high percentages of anything as ive found out, mostly why ive gone back to my LMG ways i guess, ironically i still keep sniping snipers with my LMG popping there heads up or flashing that light to aim for so my headshot % is not going down much, and shooting at feet is pointless :/

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