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WWE Network

6 posts in this topic

WWE have announced a Netflix style service to stream the episodes of TV episodes, WWE network exclusive content and even all the PPV's to laptops, tablets, games consoles ect for $9.99 a month. It's even being launched in other countries other than the US.


I would go on, but I think Alphaomegasin can explain it better;



I've had on on/off relationship with wrestling over the years. I enjoy it, but watching it meant having some stupidly expensive TV subscription or buying the PPVs on stream or DVD (or watching illegal uploads). So personally, I'm thinking I might try this out.


What do you guys think?


Oh, and please don't turn this into some sort of fans vs haters flay war. This topic is NOT about you opinion on wrestling. If don't like wrestling, you probably have nothing worthwhile to say, so just say nothing.

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Interesting, sounds like the NFL network for wrestling. May get it.

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I used to love WWE but I didn't watch it for years. Went and watched one a few months ago and the only 2 people I recognised is HHH and Kane.


Saying that, i'll probably end up signing up for that, my son loves wrestling, big Daniel Bryan fan.

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Sounds interesting....10 bucks a month for all the PPVs is a pretty good deal considering how expensive they are.

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I really enjoyed watching some WWE whe I was younger together with my brothers with a pizza or something.

Still happens that I watch it but not as I did before.

Good old times, I miss them :/

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