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Suggestions and activities World: Northern Shiverpeaks

Ranged weapon choice   6 members have voted

  1. 1. This style will be the main norm of my character.

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So I want to make a dual wielding rogue character and I just started out yesterday. Currently level 8. For range, I want to get a overall quick getup that can take out things at range AND up-close. For close range, I chose dual daggers but am conflicted for the at-range part. Do I farm for some pistols or just level up to level 14 so I could equip the shortbow I got by grinding yesterday? Bear in mind that the choice will carry on till the end. 

Currently on TS and doing the daily activities. Help will be extremely welcome. 

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Shortbow is great for lvling because it offers a lot of AoE and mobility.  Dual pistols is fun and all but most thief builds put shortbow as their secondary because it is so good.  The choice is up to you but you really are giving up lvling speed for the fun of dual pistols.

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Strong Single Target Sustained DPS - Dual Pistols

Weaker AOE DPS - Short Bow

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