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Great Mobile (Android/Apple/Win) Games thread

11 posts in this topic

Good day.

After searching the forum I couldn't find a place which is reserved for moblie games.

Joe started reviewing mobile games, and although maybe not a mainstream for hardcore gamers, it can't be denied  that mobile games are played a lot.


So I was planing to start a thread where people could share their though on specific mobile games. Offcourse with some rules so the topic does not go all over place.

1. Discuss a certain mobile game (not the concept of mobile gaming, etc). Does it has pay walls, how long can you play it. Do you spend money on it. Is it free, etc.

2. Recommended a good mobile games that could be interesting to AJSA members.

3. Please don't discuss about games like Candy Crash, Farmville, Temple Rush, and similar things. Although a lot of people play them for me they are outside this thread.


I will start.

After playing Dragon Age and discovering that you hit a HARD paywall (and I don't want to pay for things you are not sure to get) i decided that I want to try something else. So i started playing Galaxy Legend (android game). Great SF/Space theamed game. Although it has timers, and pay walls, as any FREE game, it didn't reduce the amount of content, or fun that game has to offer.

It has a lot of cool features that you gradually discover with time. You have you typical main game scenario, area battels, but there is a great light RPG element, nice story, farming of other players done in great way. I spent over a week in the game, with playing every 4,5h and I'm not even close to giving up.

All in all I would recommended it.



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Asphalt 8 



Best Adnroid Games Ive played so far and there all free especially badland

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Injustice I played. I'm almost done. For me it's a great game, truly a free game. Very fun and somehow addictive, but  honestly it does not offer much unless your a hard fan. It's to repetitive. Does not offer to much differences. At one point you can just swipe you fingers not even looking at the screen.

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Well, if you haven't yet played Angry Birds, I'd definitely recommend trying. One of the few actually good free mobile games I've played. It's free at least at Google Play, not sure about other platforms.

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I'll categorize some of the great iPhone games I have played whether they're paid or free to play.

Paid with no paywalls. Basically like normal games you buy from Steam:


Infinity Blade 1-3

Contra Evolution

Kingdom Rush

Tiny Thief

Republique (soon will be released for PC)

Chaos Rings 1-2


Double Dragon

Combo Crew


The Room

ARC Squadron

Brandnew Boy

Dead Trigger

Saturday Morning RPG

Nameless: the Hacker RPG

Shadow Blade

Super KO Boxing 2 (there's a free version)


And the games made by Cave such as Deathsmiles & Mushihime Sama (Bug Princess)


Some of these games will have a discount, and they can even drop down to free, so I suggest waiting for them to drop in price then buy them.


Free to Play Without needing to pay anything to have fun with it:




Punch Quest

Dark Meadow the Pact

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Well that is just a list, big list of that. Can you maybe put a game or two out and say something more about it.

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A game I am really enjoying is HonorBound for the android. F2P without a heafty paywall that I have found yet. Timers are pretty long for the most important upgrades, I am currently waiting on a 24 hour timer for the upgrade that unlocks the next tier of abilities. There are many abilities to research(timers) to increase the power of your characters specific to class to really give it a great way to tailor your party.  It is a party RPG that uses energy to move across the adventure map, 1 energy per move.  You encounter AI enemy as well as AI controlled players for PvP in PvE questing. Turn based combat with abilities, though in the beginning the abilities are more for utility than dmg.  You have 3 arena energy to use with bonuses for win streaks, I got to 17 wins before I chose the wrong opponent.  I strongly recommend this game for people who enjoy an RPG that you can play for about an hour a day and still make good progress through the game.

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