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Southern Camino

The next Fallout Game

Fallout info   14 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you want more info on the next Fallout game

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I know this should be on the Bethesda forums, but I wanted to know what the Angry Army thinks. I am a huge fan of the Fallout games and I have been playing them since I was a kid back in the mid 90's. Heck Fallout 3 won game of the year in 2008 and Fallout New Vegas won some awards but wasn't as good as Fallout 3. I bought an XBOX ONE because I want top of the line graphics to play all of my games on (mostly Bethesda and  a few other game developers).

There has been nothing but rumors and hearsay about "Fallout 4" as most people are calling it. The guy who plays Three dog in Fallout 3 has said that "There will be more of the dog coming soon..." That was last year. I was hoping that they would announce the name or a teaser trailer or something small like that by now!

It is rumored that it will be in Boston. It could be in Mexico for all I care. As long as they use the compatibility from the XBOX ONE and PS4 to it's full extent.

Well that's my opinion. Take the poll and reply if you agree or don't agree. I just had to get that out there.

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I want to see a modding community like with New Vegas and mostly Skyrim with Fallout 4. i really want them to put out a G.E.C.K 2.0 or a Fallout creation kit (something like that) soon after launch because its the modding community in Bethesda games that keep games like Skyrim and Fallout from never ever getting boring and with ENB mods it keeps the graphics from never getting out dated. 


Also it needs to stay single player only. NO CO-OP OR MULTIPLIER. and it needs no last gen holding it back, it needs to be for XB1, PS4 and mostly PC, period. 

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I'd love a new Fallout game long as Bethesda builds or uses a more stable engine.

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