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Planet Explorers (Alpha)

17 posts in this topic

I wanted to talk about this kinda, unknown, game in development. PE is a indie game developed by Pathea Games, and it was on kickstarter as well Steam Greenlight last year.
Building and Creator
Planet Explorers is a exploration, building and adventure game, with Minecraft elements like block building:
Apart of the well know and used in several games block building mechanic there comes the Creator, the creator is a in-game tool that allow to create our own swords, shields, guns, vehicles, tanks, helicopters (and on the future, boats).
THe creator is also based on block building with in-game materials and some pre-created parts:
Haha, very simple vehicle ive created to move around:
Apart from pre-defined materials, the creator allows for importing 128x128 textures making our own looking materials:
Going to back world building, apart from blocks, other things can be also be placed, like different types of turrets, fences, and other colony based stuff.
The colony consist on making and placing utility items/buildings on the ground, for example one that created a shield, a power plant, beds for npcs to live on, repair station, etc.
Any npc on the world can live on the colony, and even do stuff like mining, defending, chopping.
Consist on fertilizing the ground and plant seeds on it, nothing ground breaking here.
Mineral Detector
This little tool changes the way of mining minerals, the detector can display the presence of a cavern system and the position of the minerals, but it has a limited range of operation.
Other stuff
- Glidding
- Jetpack
- Parachute
- Rope launcher
- Grenades
- NPC "followers" with own inventary and skills.
Combat and Graphics:
Its pretty much WIP, the game has simple combat mechanics and graphics are not great, grass is 2D, and animation and effects are not that good either, its kinda acceptable, but maybe not for everyone, still dont expect any AAA game quality on it.
Singleplayer: Story mode
There is also a Adventure and Building mode, but those are the same as multiplayer.
Story mode is a group of Humans, a few born on Earth, others on Mars are crewmember of a ship called "Epiphany", the Epiphany went to a distant planet called "Maria" to colonise it, while on its entry on the Maria atmosfere the Epiphany blows up and its crew evacuate intro "lifeboats" who landed on diferent zones around the planet. Player is onboard one of those lifeboats, once on planet you need to make contact with other survivors, where you also find that Martians and Eartlings hate each other.
Story mode is right now used as a long tutorial.
Multiplayer: Adventure and Building modes
Building mode is very simple, a random map whiout NPCs and infinite materials.
Aventure Mode:
Coop: its a random map with random biomes and stuff on it, like small cities and 1 boss, this mode is far from finished.
VS: (PVP mode), player are separated on 2 teams, where players are able to claim ground and able to attack other team ground, this mode gona be very insteresting when the game is finished, as we can build our own fortifications and our own vehicles, tanks and helicopters to fight.
This is just a few things, the game stll have a year of development ahead with a lot of more things planned, like a tech tree, fluid physics, boats, finising, etc.



Tomorrow - a0.71
Mid Feb - a0.75
Late Mar/Early Apr - a0.8
May - a0.85
July - a0.9
Aug - a0.95
Sep - b0.1
Dec/Jan - Final


The game cost $22 to pre-order http://planetexplorers.pathea.net/order/ and has Windows, Linux and MAC versions, pre-ordering gives access to the alpha. 
Free Demo Alpha 0.72:
Single Player, with Story and build mode, the story mode was cut off compared to the full alpha where we can advance more.
These are some Freespace creations ive made in-game with the creator:
Hercules Fighter
Anubis Fighter
Medusa Bomber
Fenris Cruicer
Medusa in action:

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I have been sitting on the sidelines with this game. Wondering if spending money now is worth the investment. 

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That is a hard question, ive been having a lot of fun with the game so far, but that will get old fast because the game is way unfinished and the multiplayer part is even more unfinished.

So, keep in mind that if you buy now you will be buying a alpha game, all implied, but still the devs listen to you on the forums on the suggestions, the comunication is good, and the final game is expected to be more expensive than $22, and buying also means more money to do more stuff. But, remember its an Alpha game.

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A0.75 Update
We’re coming up pretty quickly to the end of the month, so we’re trying to get as much in as possible before the Steam build. We’re working on several notable areas for the build, they include: the farm building for the settlement, Steam integration for the launcher (across all 3 platforms), more Creation Editor features, voxel water (maybe flowing) and new water shader, better building controls and shaders, tweaking player controls, starting first person control design (what a lot of you want), ai optimization, more enemies and bosses (especially for multiplayer), rainforest biome, and story extension. We want to get the build out before February ends, so we will cut whatever’s not done when the time comes. So far, it looks like everything’s safe.
Here I’ll show you a couple of things, first, the water shader. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s starting to look pretty good:
Next, a couple of examples of the new free-form custom items and decals created in the Creations Editor:

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New update and steam build this week.



We're almost there.

We have this one crash bug with vehicles ramming into each other at full speed and blowing each other up in multiplayer. We're looking at it real close since we know people will be doing this a lot.  Heck, we were doing it a lot, that's how we found the bug, haha. 

Steam release is set for Thursday afternoon (if nothing goes wrong), and I haven't even started on making the trailers yet. Man this build is taxing. 


Water physics
Follow camera mode (F2)
New water shader
New animal species
New boss type
New attacks for the giant robot boss type
Optimized ai memory and cpu usage
AI behavior changes
New collisions for ai (no more single capsule collision)
Able to run over and damage ai with vehicle
Crashing on glider causes damage
Optimized adventure mode terrain generation
New types of terrain environment generation in adventure mode
Multiple biomes in a single seed in adventure mode
Water level randomized in adventure mode
New npc animations
New native alien animations and attacks
New story segments and missions
New npc characters
NPC no longer collide with player
Edits to some NPC looks
New type of armor set
Rainforest biome
NPCs can plant, care for, and harvest crops in colony
New textures for building blocks
New texture layout for building blocks
New glass block type
New shapes in Creation Editor
Custom decals in Creation Editor
Custom items in Creation Editor
Inclines in Creation Editor
Server will now autosave
Able to dig continuously in multiplayer
Able to export all objects from the Creation Editor to multiplayer
Steam launcher integration
Simplified Chinese localization
Bug fixes
Tutorial updated

In general, the performance of the build is decent, especially if you turn off v-sync and water reflection and set grass to normal. With that setting, we get 55-75fps on an i5/7970 at 1080p, which is about 5-10fps faster than the last build. Unfortunately, building block lod will not make it into this build, but it should be ready in a week or 2. That should dramatically increase performance when you build a lot.

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My kind of game, explore a new planet and kill big aliens !

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Well the BETA of the ALPHA 0.8 was released, and boats where added, but decided to build a sub instead,



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0.8 its out and its great! 


Here’s the changelist:

Adventure map now has LOD option, can extend out to 512m
Workshop UI interface in (upload when in a multiplayer game)
Server caching ISOs in, as a backup to Workshop (if things on there get deleted)
Multiplayer lobby UI and functions changed
New multiplayer server creation UI
New character selection option for multiplayer (able to delete)
Survival mode in multiplayer in (free for all)
When a player die, things will be dropped on a random basis
Tweaked formulas so that key items can be made in any biome
Alien camps in multiplayer/adventure
Randomized boss points in adventure mode
Towns and NPCs now exist in every multiplayer play mode
Animal herds in multiplayer
Only one monster beacon can be pulled out on a server at a time
Added in some missions to Adventure mode
Added in NPC who can store your items
“Wet” in multiplayer will give you oceans and islands
No more general shop interface in multiplayer, will need to buy/sell for NPCs
NPCs have limited amount of cash
Resources can no longer be sold for meat in adventure mode
Resource distribution in multiplayer updated
Players can ride other player’s vehicles
Ship ISO and associated parts
Lage airship parts
New battery for vehicles
Air and land vehicles will lose energy when in water
More storyline missions for Story mode
More mainline NPCs for Story mode
A bigger area of the map to explore in Story mode
More effects added
More sound effects added
Added monorail
Added animal feces
Updated some animal behavior
Added more fish
Can now assign NPC jobs in colony
Can now recruit mainline NPCs as followers
Can now give mainline NPCs weapons
“Soldier” type NPCs will patrol colony
NPCs will now need to eat
NPCs will take food directly from the colony supplies storage
Redid the replication UI, now with branches and search
Redid the building UI, now with its own quick bar
Buildings in the field can now be saved as an ISO
Extend the treeline LOD in the forests
New terrain changes in Story mode
LOD seams are better hidden
Reprogrammed the main game camera
Camera now have field of view option
Pressing “E” will pick things up now
Distance will decrease a projectiles attack numbers
Added in lock on function for vertical launched missiles
Tweaked camera movement for glider
Colony will come under attack, if not defended, there will be damages
Can now recruit mainline NPCs to colony
Added in more item types
Earth plants now give seeds
Interactive objects will now highlight during mouse over
NPC name displays changed
NPC behavior changed
Player will get up when attacked while in bed
And of course, bug fixes, lots and lots of bug fixes
And new bugs too

We will be releasing an a0.81 next week to fix any bugs found in this build. For the duration from a0.8 to a0.9, we’ll be trying to add these:

Building LOD
More story missions
Rivers in adventure mode
More terrain generation types in adventure mode
Map size definition for adventure mode
Continent generation for adventure map
Sky islands for adventure mode
More animal behavior
The feces face smasher gun
Large replicator in colony
Colony in multiplayer

Our aim for a0.9 is:

Story editor
Terrain editor
World editor
AI pathfinding overhaul?
UI overhaul?

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I feel perhaps they have missed an opportunity here. The focus on building and vehicles, to me at least, seems like an odd choice, as they could have centred the game around the planets odd and interesting flora and fauna.

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I think we gona have "No Man Sky" for that, still is not finished yet, still it gets interesting, last night i was attacking someone in a boat from my aircraft in Survival mode.

And ill have to say i did not see any other game where we cant build our own vehicles, weapons and stuff, its kind of unique in that.

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Some videos i made of alpha 0.8, still a LOT of bugs

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is a $15 for 6 more hours thats a good chance to get it

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And this is the submarine after i maded it work.




and this is a decal work.

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I've already bought this game, but I haven't actually played it yet. Looks interesting though!

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Since its going on Steam sale for the next 2 days ill update a little

This is a WIP of the new combat system for alpha 0.9

This is a Freespace 2 Orion Destroyer and a Loki fighter i maded with the creator

A Flying Saucer i made to scare the aliens  :ph34r:


And this is the Monorail that players can build to travel


0.9 is the next mayor update of the game that devs promised by end of march, with a lot of improvements.

The bad thing about the game, apart from gliches and the fact that there still a lot of stuff missing, is the lack of pleople for PVP multiplayer, its really fun in pvp multi. 

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