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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Reached Kickstarter!!! New Trailer + Gameplay Mechanics revealed

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Hi, started new topic about this, because the old one wouldnt be seen so fast.

Kingdome Come: Deliverance reached Kickstarter, asking for 300.000 GBP. 2 Days from that (today) the publishers got 237.000 GBP!


Chceck out this link for more information, also for lazy people some shorts

Game will be published in 3 acts, 8 month's between each, starting on 2015
All acts will be sandbox, forst one with approx of 30 hrs of main quest gameplay

Main protagonist: Son of a blacksmith from Czech Kingdom

We will have massive scale battles and sieges, with ladders, sieging towers, catapults etc.

Main designer says that basic difficulty level will include:

need for sleeping
Hunger and thirst
Bleeding, poisoning effects
exhaustion in and out of combat
Food in your inventory will start to rot if you wont eat it fast enough

Trailer shows inventory menu
16 inventory slots
Crafting (blacksmithing, alchemy, cooking, tailoring)
Pickpocketing mechanism (no more pop u windows with "what to choose" text. You will need to cut the sack off the guys belt if you want to get it ;))

Also, something nice for collectors.
People who donate the most money, will be portraited in Game in one of the church'es as a saint, and will get the forged, real 1:1 scale sword with inscriptions + many many more. I must say this is a good deal if the sword will be forged by proffesionals, because this type of gadget can cost even upt to 300 GBP each, standalone.

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Already a thread about it here

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