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What would youdo, or the mysteries from long time ago

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Hi, its me.

As some of you may know, im currently studying history on Jagiellonian University. As such person, sometimes im granted acesss to things, that "ordinary mortal" cant be granted, nor will probably ever see them.

So was last week, when my group was granted acces to National Archive in Krakow, under supervision of profesional archivist. Here starts the part with "normal mortal wouldnt't". You see, not everyone will have occasion to deal with "old documents and books"

And by old i mean up to 1396 AD, which was the oldest document we managed to deal with. It was notary act handsigned by Władysław Jagiełło, also sealed with crown seal.

And by deal i mean we could touch it, read it, etc.

There were some unique documents we could "investigate". Among them for example handwritten letter by Anna, the Empress of Russia, sent to one of polish local dukes. Or, the handwritten manual of constructing and ways of use Congreve Rockets by Józef Bem. 

But, there was one tiny thing that im still thinking about. Archivist showed a letter, from XVIII or XIX century, that was never opened. It was sealed by two seals (yet we didnt manage to see what seals) which were holding string that whole letter was tied in. Archivists never decided to open it, they said that shortcut of letter was written on its back by author (it was indeed, theoretically some not very valuable information). But here starts the "mystery" part.

They said, thats the unique type of sealing on our territories back then, and there is no other known letter in such condition.
Who would bother to use 2 seals, and a string to hold some invaluable information? Especially when such practic wasnt popular on your terrains?
Why would you bother writing the damn letter, if you wrote whats inside on its cover? Again, why bother sealing it if deliverer can read it aswell in such form?

I asked those question the archivist. Man was quite confused and in the end just said "we wont open it, because the way of sealing it is unique, and if we did we would destroy the seals" (well, quite right).

According to Schroedinger's theory, the letter in its current form can contain any information imagined ;). Also, the thing is even more fascinating (at least to me) if you consider the time period, when in Poland plots that could affect whole countries where made quite often, even including masonery (yes, thats not the fantasy domain, such thing existed, had influence on rulers and its proved).

What wuld you do? Would you open the letter to check whats inside, or would you live it be?

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Open it

Knowledge belongs to all the whole human race it is whats makes us strive from the animals we once were if most governments would not hide shit AND KEEP IT SECRET we would be a better Species in the long run

Beesides what good does it do keeping it closed (nothing apart from keeping it intact and not ruined)


But it could be anything from a love letter to someone to a list or a conspiracy to overthrow someone or kill some one

That is the JOY OF BEING HUMAN WE ARE EXPLORERS AND RESEARCHER and we discover things to open it would be better than to leave it decay away

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