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One Piece Pirate Warriors 2

3 posts in this topic

Hey everyone

I would like to share my great sadness,that's a result of this game being a ps3/psvita exclusive (just like the first one),when this game came out,I pretty much knew that it was going to be a ps3 exclusive.

But somewhere deep inside I was hoping against hope that they would,based on the success of the first, be released on other platforms,at least a 360 or a PC.

I was recently looking for a good One Piece game to play,other than the ones that allow you to play only as the straw hat crew.Sadly,they are rare,and the extent of which they allow play of other characters is quite low.

Now,I know that this game,just like the first one,is pretty much a Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Warriors orochi Koei clone,but I liked those games and I know that they are repetitive as hell.

Pirate warriors 2 expands on the first one,brings in some awesome characters to play as,and honestly it's everything I ever wanted out of a OP game.(turns out that everything I wanted was a Koei clone with OP characters)

But I don't have a ps3/vita,so I would at least like to hear your thoughts on it,and your experiences on it,those who played it.

My only hope would be that the next game in the series gets released on other platforms.

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I like the game a lot. Mostly because it was a huge improvement from the last game. There were a lot more characters you could be including all three admirals, Marco from Whitebeard's crew, Mihawk, Kuma, Enel and couple other ones you wish you could have played in the first one. But yeah it pretty much plays exactly Dynasty Warriors so you know each dude has their own badass powers to annihilate all the scrubs with too and that's always fun for awhile.

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The game always had a awesome Dynasty warriors feel to it which I can't stand but love the fact that you could be playing it within the One piece Era and control Pirates/Navy to charge full on and assault the opposing army and defeat the Main General yourself with that "I got this guys" kind of look.

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