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AJSA Coaches/Student List Thread

52 posts in this topic

Alright I guess it is about time that we shoulda had this.....Im kind of surprised we didnt have one. But yes with the replay take over and the ingame coaching system i think we should have a coach list set up. At the moment I think the Coaches List and Students list will be separate(ill reserve a post under this one for the student list i think). 


Please put your Coach resume/foreward like the following format. Keep in mind i would like all things on this list as required unless noted as otherwise. I would like to urge any Coach to be as specific as possible while keeping it concise and on topic. Also please specify if your post is to be a student or to be a coach.


Steamname(Forum name/Teamspeak name if different): 

Region/Continent(server locations)/timezones youd be willing to teach:

Languages(any languages you know, plz list english):

Availability(around what times would you be playing/free time): 

How many hours/Games of Dota 2 experience(Dotabuff link can be useful though not required)

Ranked MMR(if applicable)(not required but may help):

Prior Coaching experience(if applicable)(not required but helps):

What your coaching would cover(topics): try to be as specific as much as possible, i.e. solo offlaning, rune control(mid), pulling

any specific hero youd be excellent coaching/Teaching people about: This is where you put heroes you are good with ie invoker




Steamname: =AJSA=Sundaecat(my forum and teamspeak names are both Sundaecat)

Server location/timezone: US servers and EU west servers, im GMT-6(US)

Languages: English

Availability: Yay New comp. Should be more available once this week settles

Experience: 1600 hours of Dota 2, or about 1000 games of PVP Dota 2 games, Dotabuff

Ranked MMR: 3270 or about average(dont really play ranked at all)

Prior Coaching experience: about 4-6 people mostly on basic ui, playing support/carry, 

Topics i can cover: Pulling, Warding, Basic Ui, General gameplay, playing offlane solo, supporting(5), some basic mid tips, basic carry

Heroes i can give pretty good tips with: Clockwerk, Tusk, Jakiro, Earthshaker, Lion, Shadow Shaman



Coaches LIST(This will be updated as more coaches pop up, Steam name - link to post - steam link - Location - Language):


=AJSA= Sundaecat (Post) (Steam Link) - US Central(can EU west) - English - inactive

=AJSA= LiquidSn8ke (post) (steam link) -  English - English

Warsocialist (post) (steamlink) -  English

Facd (post) (steamlink) - English

ProjectToast/ToastProtocol (post) (steamlink) - English

Isamu Rin (post) (steamlink) -  English

Faustian (post) (steamlink) -  English



=AJSA= xWolf-DOFR (post) (steamlink) - English, Russian

=AJSA= MrDerwisj  (post) (steamlink) -  English, Dutch

Spinakker (post) (steamlink) - English

=AJSA= JeanMark (post) (steamlink) - EU(but can US east) - English

AJSA.Charlie (post) (steamlink) - English, German, Greek

Miku Miku (post) (steamlink) -  Russian

The Dude (post) (steamlink) -  English

RussianSoap (post) (steamlink) -  English/Finnish/Swedish

AJSA.Wuhsa (post) (steamlink) -  English

MiGA.Thrower  (post)  (steamlink)  - English & Swedish

2slow4me (post) (Steamlink) -  Serbian & English



Denjo (post) (steamlink) -  English



note: Sundaecat is maintaining thread 

note2: if Students want to recommend a Coach, id say like their forum post within this thread. It can be a nice way to gauge feedback for each coach as well as how much each coach is recommended.  This is mostly so this List thread doesnt get populated with feedback(may make or ask the officers to make a feedback thread for feedback and suggestions to coaches)

note3: If either coach or Students want to have only one coach or one student and is currently occupied, please edit currently coaching or something akin to it. 

note4:  You can surround a statement with "["url="]" "["/url"]" with a hyperlink after the = sign to imbed the hyperlink within the words(remove all the " when you do this) <- much like coding you do need to use the /url part other wise it wont be recognized :I

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Im thinking of this list as If Coaches are available for coaching and want to coach, but dont have a student in mind that is open at that moment. They can pick a person off the list to coach for a game or two. So that its not just Students asking Coaches but Coaches finding people they can/might want to Coach/Teach.


a template for students:

SteamName: include a Link ie steamcommunity.com/id/blahblahblahnamehere

availability/Timezone/Server Location:

Game Experience:(hours/Game number/what heroes youve played so far/what do you feel confident with)

Anything in particular youd like to be taught:

include a language preference only if you cant do english.


For example:

Steam Name: Sundaecat

availability/timezone: Im US(GMT-6), I play US servers and EU west(sometimes) 

Game Experience: 1370 Dota 2 hours, about 1022 pvp games, i feel confident with lane supporting, ui, as well as playing solo offlane and sometimes carry

Id like to be able to get some practice using micro intensive heroes like Enchantress, Meepo, Lone druid. Im not too confident with ganking as a mid role unless i get a haste or a invis rune. I still dont feel ive got good enough judgement for when to go for blackholes with enigma yet :( I still feel i do it way too late in the teamfight. 

note: im not putting mine on the list since i feel im going to have to mostly get through finger practice and experience.


Student List here[it will be displayed as Steam Name - Forum Post - Steam URL](might add server locations as a sub list thing):


DemonsColt (post) (steamlink) - US East

Blakfyre(yelsew00) (post) (steamlink) - US east

Puttymon (post) (steamlink) - US

Rogue ShadowCat (post) (steamlink) - US

ShadowSlayer (post) (steamlink) - US East

Venture (post)  (steamlink) - US East

Kagascar (post) ](steamlink) - US



SKvindicator (post) (steamlink) - Romania

Torack (post) (steamlink) - GMT+3(EU)

Lonbrok (post) (steamlink) - GMT+2(EU)

Sheriff (post) (steamlink) - GMT-3(EU)

Po3t1985 (post) (steamlink) - EU(Switzerland)


Australia/Asia(SEA region):

ScamriderBlue (post) (steamlink) - Asia(GMT+7)(US and EU ok?)

Muddlet Science (post) (steamlink) - Australia

Doreasaurus (post) (steamlink) - Australia



PS: please include your steam profile link it makes adding your steamlink on the list much much easier for me :D

update: there now its region based 

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Nice post Sudae! Gonna check if I can be avaible to coach and post here later

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Steamname: -{NOVA}- DOFR (=AJSA= xWolf-DOFR http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197987953821/) skype - dofr__

Server location/timezone: EU and RU servers im GMT+4 (RU)

Availability: Send a message to me when I'm online and will say if I can coach ^_^ Will do my best to help as much as I can

Languages: English, Russian

Experience: 1950+ hours of Dota 2, or about 1630+ games of PVP Dota 2 games, http://dotabuff.com/players/27688093

Ranked MMR: 3800+ both solo and group,

Prior Coaching experience: explained many players basics of the game and some advanced techniques + I helped creating (updating on 6.79) Meepo guide - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=126506774

Topics I can cover:  Playing solo mid, Playing hard carry, Drafting in CM, Basics of Trilane, Basic Jungling, Basic Pulling, Basic Warding, Basic UI, General gameplay, Basic support, Basic offlane

Heroes i can give pretty good tips with: Bloodseeker, Meepo, Lone Druid, Shadow Fiend, Clockwerk, Visage, Broodmother, Morphling

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Converted from League to Dota 2 recently, so I am trying to find ways to get into the game. Might need some coaching but I am still trying to find the perfect options because sometimes the game is just too blurry for me.

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Steamname: =AJSA=MrDerwisj

EU west/EU east servers, English speaking.
Available during 5-11 gmt.

Expierence: 1000+ hours of dota 2, expierence in MMO pvp (like world of warcraft, Rift, ...).
Ranked: around 3,4k 

Previous coaching expierences: Helping newish players with carry play/mid play.
Topics I can cover: middle lane/offlane play.
Heroes I can cover: most mid heroes like invoker, storm spirit, ember spirit, tinker...  and some of the more unconventional mid heroes, like Tusk, Slark, Doom, Mirana,... (overcoming hero advantage on the enemy).

Send me a message/friend request in game if you're interested. 


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Steamname: Spinakker
Region: EU West/East
Language: English, Hungarian
Availability: 4-12 CET weekends
Experience: 1k hours of DOTA 2, lots and lots of reading/watching tutorials.
Ranked MMR: around 3.5k
Prior Coaching experience: I coached/thaught other things quite a lot. Also I always try to help my lane partners with some guidance.

Topics I can cover: Basic gameplay mechanics; Game sense; Basics of all the roles; Lane control; Balanced team composition; Item and skillbuilds; Offlane;
Heroes I can especially help you with: LICH, Windrunner, Sand King, Weaver, Alchemist, Naga, Venomancer, Furion, Skywrath Mage, Shadow Shaman

Most of the time I play support or offlane, so i can only cover the very basics of carrying and mid. If you are below 3k MMR I am sure I can help you improve a bit. Feel free to add me on steam but I would be really happy if I could coach two or more people at once as an in game coach. It is a lot more effective that way :)

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     I have to say I have been absent from the Dota community for a good amount of time due to other responsibilities.  However my life is slowly returning to a schedule which I can start to put in some dota time.  For those interested in receiving coaching from me I would recommend getting into contact with me in advance. My resume and topics I could teach about are listed below.  I can teach basic mechanics however I feel those who wish to benefit from advanced role, lane, or hero training would find much more opportunity to learn with me.

Steamname: Zettai Ryouiki, though it may have =AJSA= tags if I am playing dota. This also serves as my Teamspeak name.  Forum name WarSocialist.

Server location/timezone: US servers and EU west servers, im GMT-6(US)

Availability: Should be available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  However I have time during the afternoon on Monday and Wednesday so be sure to consult me first via private message if you are interested in some training

Experience: Considering my dota 1, Hereos of newearth, and dota 2 experience i have over 7000 hours of time spent collectivly on these games.  I have been part of the competitive scene before competing in Gosu Tournaments as well as some minor ones.  

Ranked MMR: I do not have a ranked MMR because I have issues with the current ranked system within Dota 2.

Prior Coaching experience: Between friends and fellow clanmates both in AJSA as well as other clans probably well over 100 people.  I have been paid to teach on the topic of video games at a university before so I am confident I have talent for putting more knowledge efficiently and effectively in peoples' brains.

Topics i can cover: I offer everything in the basics category.  In the advanced category I can provide training on playing short, mid, and long lane.  I can train on competitive carry as well as advanced training on invoker if you wish to master his ownage potential.  Also if you are interested on improving your team drafting ability for captains mode I can give some strong pointers.  

Heroes i can give pretty good tips with: Everything except meepo because I simply don't play him.


I may not be available this weekend so if you message me and I don't respond it is because I have not had the opportunity to come online.

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Steamname : =AJSA=TCGJin

Region : NA (Can play in any zone)

Availability : 6:30PM - 11:30 PM EST Mon - Fri, All hours weekend

Dota Experience : I was an original tester for the Dota 1 map, played in tournaments and competittions winning a fire and ice back in 2003 I have been playing dota on and off since its creation and even going into competative heroes of newerth, in total I have close to around 11,000 games played of dota.

Teaching main points: How to properly setup a team lineup, counter picks etc for captains modes. Assisting in things to look out for on the minimap to increase situational awarness, and helping you see heroes built in ways you probably have not heard or seen of before but are very effective.


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Steamname: =AJSA= JeanMark
Region: EU West (i can hop in US East with a decent ping)
Availability: 20:30 23:30 CET During the week - More or lless the whole day in the weekend
Experience: 650 hours of DOTA 2 (4 years of MOBAs, i played dota 1 and others)
Ranked MMR: around 3.2k (but i almost never play ranked)

Dotabuff: http://dotabuff.com/players/54448966

Languages: English, italian

Topics I can cover: Basic gameplay mechanics; Basics of all the roles; Lane control; Balanced team composition; Item and skill builds; Positioning and Teamfighting; Offlane (in Depth); Midlane (somewhat in depth); Support (mostly basics and mid level supporting, i'm not a dedicated support player); Microing and Micro based heroes


Heroes I can especially help you with: 

Offlane: Slark, Timbersaw, Invoker, Centaur, Broodmother, Beastmaster

Midlane: Invoker, Nyx Assassin, Venomancer, Lion, Brewmaster, Nightstalker, Pudge, Tiny, Tusk, Kunkka, Vengeful Spirit

Support: Venomancer, Nyx Assssin, Lion, Naga Siren, Disruptor, Shadow Shaman, Vengeful Spirit

Carry: Chaos Knight


Feel free to add me on steam and contact me if i'm online, even if i'm busy at that moment we can arrenge for later 

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Steamname: psi.Charlie
Region: EU Server (any server hosted on EU euwest/east etc)
Availability: 18:00 - 23:00 CET Monday,Wednesday,Friday, Saturday (unless i have to play in a Tournament)
Experience: 4 years of Dota 1 experience, 2 years of Heroes of Newerth experience, half year of dota 2 experience
Ranked MMR: around 5k mmr

Dotabuff: http://dotabuff.com/players/25968969

Topics I can cover: I have been the captain for years in many Teams , my main role is Main support used to play Suicide(off lane) for a while too. However because of leading my Team i have insight on all roles. My main focus is however on decision making and positioning from which everyone can benefit no matter what role you play. 


Add me on Steam and talk to me privately if you are interested

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Since I'm still learning, I feel like I should apply for Student List. So here is my application!



SteamName: Muddlet Science ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/muddletscience )



GMT 10+ (Australian Timezone)

Australian servers, happy to go US or EU if needed 


Availability varies really for me, as I have a rather weird timetable. In general, I'm free on Friday Evening, Saturday Evening and Sunday Morning and Evening (For America, basically Thursday at like 1am, Friday at like 1am and Sunday in the afternoon or 1am in the morning. EU is essentially the same, just less inconvenient.)



Game Experience: Nearly 700 hours of DotA 2 (695 to be exact at the time of this post) , around 20 hours of LoL. 

Roughly 600 games.

Most comfortable in the mid-lane, usually play heroes like Puck, SF, QoP.



I guess I just want to be better in teamfights. Whenever a teamfight erupts, I usually end up dying regardless if we win the fight or not, and I think it's because I have pretty shit positioning. Also, if I play initiator roles like Enigma or Puck, I tend to mess it up sometimes and end up wasting my ult. Any other general information or game-play tips is greatly appreciated as well. 


EDIT: Now being coached by =AJSA= xWolf-DOFR

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This is my student application:

SteamName: DemonsColt

(GMT - 5:00 Hrs) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

US Servers

Availability: Thursday 12:30 PM, Friday 11:30 AM, Saturday 11:30 AM (Due to college, I may not be available, even in these times.)

Game Experience: None, this is my first MOBA.

I would like to know the basics of DOTA 2 and how to play efficiently. 

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Steamname: facd

Server location/timezone: US west, PST

Availability: Evenings, pacific time. 

Experience: 1100 + hours on Dota 2

Ranked MMR: 4250+ team rating

Prior Coaching experience: Have coached new players, and those wanting to get into competitive play.

Topics i can cover: I am a 1/2/3 position player in that order, but I have experience playing all roles.  Can go over basic/advanced support play, drafting, efficiency for carry roles, item builds, ect. 




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I have a question. During coaching sessions, do you guys prefer to VO through the game's or our TS3 Servers?

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Steamname: Miku Miku

Server location/timezone: Ru, GMT+4

Language: Russian

Availability: Send a message to me when I'm online and will say if I can coach.

Game experience: 2400+ hours in dota2 and 6 years in dota 1

Party MMR: 4064. Solo MRR: TBD

Prior Coaching experience: I would be willing to teach new players

Сoaching would cover: Experience allows me to teach the player on any role. There are a small number of weak heroes, but for them I can tell and show a lot of interesting things.

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I need a coach. Steam name: yelsew00 (East Coast). I mostly play whenever. Evening mostly like after 9 PM EST. Have been playing against bots on Hard for a good while. Not sure if I'm ready for actual PVP matches. Thanks. TS name is also Blackfyre.

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I need a coach.

Steamname: scamrider_blue

Availability/Timezone/Server Location: Almost everyday / (UTC+07:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta / I have the best ping in SEA, but I sometimes play in US and EU.

Game Experience: 161 hours of Dota 2, 101 pvp games, I mostly plays as support and sometimes as carry.

Ranked MMR: None

I want someone to point out the mistake that I made in each game and tell me what I should do instead to improve my skill.

Language preference: English

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guess its time for me to start helping too : /   ;;; sign me up as coach;;;;

Steamname : The Dude     link :  http://steamcommunity.com/id/Dakujji   ts and forum names are the same.

Server location/timezone:  EU west servers(can US east if needed ), im GMT+ 1 EU 

Languages: English.

Availability:  95% of the time . i play almost every day for a few hours . will coach atleast once or twice a day.

Coaching Experience:  2-3  people. they were new to the game.

Ranked MMR: currently 3000 team ranked (highest 3600)   solo rank 2900 (highest +4000) had bad luck :s

Topics i can cover : advanced  warding , basic and advanced ui , basic macros and advanced macros for different heroes.  can teach almost eny role.

; best at teaching support and ganking ;

can teach the absolute best with : windrunner , juggernaut , dazzle , tusk, ancient apparition , earthshaker , morhpling,nyx,enchantress necrolyte

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Sign me up as a student!


Steam Name: Venture (http://steamcommunity.com/id/deathbirdstories)

Availability: US East, almost any time but primarily flexible on weekends.

Game Experience: Played all of the heroes currently available on Dota, some more than others. Slowly approach 300 win mark with over 600 games under my belt.

Anything in particular you'd like to be taught: Looking to focus on improving and breaking current plateau on Position 5 (Hard Support).


EDIT: Being coached by Warsocialist.

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Why not fill this out!

SteamName: Torack http://steamcommunity.com/id/goldenapple71


availability/Timezone/Server Location:

My timezone is GMT+3 and I'm available on Thursday evenings from 11 until 3 am; Fridays from 2pm to 6am, and Saturdays from 1pm to 11pm


Game Experience:

I've only played about 19 hours from the time of this post, so I'm pretty new. I've played chaos knight and lich on pubs and got wrecked pretty bad.


Anything in particular you'd like to be taught:

How to play a good support, how to build items efficiently - I've got an idea of this, but it never hurts to improve, and how to avoid the simple mistakes scrubs often make!

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Heya's. So I'm a complete noob to the MOBA scene (as in, I've never played a single game before) but I've seen some friends play it and I also saw that Steam movie "Free to Play" which got me interested. One of the things that I've heard about Dota is that it has an incredibly steep learning curve. I'm looking to join a community that can forgive absolutely idiotic mistakes and overlook my noobishness and the AJSA seems like it can do just that. So can anyone give me some tips or just any info in general about the game? It would be greatly appreciated.

Steam Name: Doreasaurus

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I would like to apply as a stundent.

SteamName: Lonbrok  http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197985984696


availability/Timezone/Server Location:

My timezone is GMT+2 (EU), i have time to play mostly every day from 7pm to 12 pm


Game Experience: I have 33 hours atm, about 25 games, i have completed the tutorial 100%, i have played so far beastmaster, morphling, earthshaker, elder titan,viper, venomancer, brood mother, chen, natures prophet, zeus, lion, encahntress, sven, tidehunter, sniper, dragon knight, juggernaut, drow elf, windrunner axe, lich and some more i cant remember names for. Almost every game im playing a hero i havent played before. 


Im willing to learn anything but mostly i would like to learn items, how to build how to counter and so fort. Also would like to learn about team comps, warding/map control and other tips and tricks.


I would also mention that i have played over 600 hours of lol.

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