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8 posts in this topic

We all need to get behind this awesome Indie game. Sure it is just a standalone version of the old Source mod, but it works splendidly! Who else here would like to see the Army get behind it?

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     Insurgency is a team-oriented, first-person shooter with an emphasis on realism and minimalism. Developed by New World Interactive, Insurgency is the stand-alone title of the widely popular Source Engine Mod, Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat. Gameplay consists of team-based objectives in which players must cordinate to achieve victory.

Game types include:

     Firefight: Two teams fight to secure 3 objective points, much like domination in other games. However, players do not respawn unless allies secure an objective. Victory can only be acheived by either eliminating the entire enemy team or controlling all 3 points with no contest.

     Skirmish: Similar to Firerfight except each team has a 'supply cache' allowing respawns. players may respawn until their cahce either runs out or is destroyed by the enemy team.

     VIP: One team escorts a randomly selected VIP to one of two extraction point while the opposing team's goal is to kill the VIP. All players receive a single life. the VIP is armed with nothing but a silenced pistol but can pick weapons up off the ground.

And more...

A cooperative mode is available as well.


  • Minimal UI (not even crosshairs) adds to realism and immersion
  • "Supply" credits spent on gear forces players to think about their loadout and the needs of their team in each situation
  • Communication and coordination strengthens the fun and immersion of the game
  • Utilities like smoke grenades and flashbangs are relevant, as there are no hit markers. So blind-firing is pretty useless.


  • Lack of a minimap makes it easy to get turned around. an overlay map is avalable but its not keybound by default and requires you to stop moving to use.
  • Map size ranges from small to medium. Don't expect to find large-scale battles. Each team consits of 2 squads. Max server size is 32
  • Communication can make or break a team. No mic isn't the end of the world, as there is a canned-chat function in the game. But just a couple people who can't or won't communicate can cause the entire team to fail.
  • Lack of Progression. Everyone has access to the same gear, leading to a more balanced game but possibly less rewarding to some players.

For more info, I reccomend watching TotalBuscuit's "WTF Is...Insurgency," which I've linked here.

I've also linked the Steam store page here.

Thanks for reading!

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I actually went ahead and created a new suggestion thread that meets the requirements of the forum. You can check it out here.

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Brute, did you notice that InsurgencyGame had replied to your review video?

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Brute, did you notice that InsurgencyGame had replied to your review video?

Yes. They have it on their twitter account too. They know that I have been out supporting them... Or atleast I think they do.

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I would defiantly like to play with everyone in the Angry Army.

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