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Best games for TV/ Film?

5 posts in this topic

Whenever I play a game, at some point or another I think about what it would be like as a TV show or film. I was just curious what games people thought (If actually directed and written well) would be good for the small or big screen. Here are some of my personal picks:

1.) Persona 3: I think Persona 3 could actually make a decent TV show or mini series. Assuming that people would be willing to look past the fact that it revolves around teenagers, it could be a very dramatic show with occasional bits of humor (I imagine it as being somewhat like Firefly in terms of humor-drama balance, maybe a bit darker sometimes). If a production team could make a great balance of the day cycle and the dark hour, a show could be successful. Some of the more odd aspects, like Koromaru, would probably have to be cut out. I also imagine that the characters and story would have to be westernized.

Additionally, adaptations of Persona 4 and Persona 4 Arena could come out afterwards.

2.) Lost Odyssey: I see this as a miniseries more than a show. I found the story of the game (which revolves around immortals) to be quite interesting. The show would be a drama, of course. The only issue I see with this would be that people don't seem to really get into fantasy adventures on the small screen. However, as a miniseries, it could possibly be appealing.

3.) Dragon Age: This would make a solid trilogy of films. While it would have a hard time shaking the appearance of being a GoT or Lotr copycat, the story would be able to hold up. I imagine that characters and storylines would have to be streamlined in order to make a more coherent and less time consuming story. For example, I imagine that Oghren would have to be cut out of the story because he isn't vital.

Additionally, if they wished, there could then be a TV adaptation of Dragon Age 2. The story just wouldnt work as a film.

4.) The Darkness: A movie or miniseries. This would probably be very similar to the crow. Now, the crow is based on a comic book. However, I think that the story of the game would fit a live action adaptation very well. The character is sympathetic and the story is very good. Additionally, everyone gets their dose of violence because, let's face it, people like violence. I'd support a film adaptation of this...especially if they did it instead of a Crow reboot.

5.) Fable III: I know, i know. Fable 3 "sucked". Personally, while I was disappointed, I didnt think it was that bad. The story could actually work on film if it was modified. It could easily be a two parter kind of series. The first film would consist of your ascension to the throne. The second film could then, assuming they were willing to flip the story around a bit, consist of the segment of the plot in Aurora and then the fight against the Crawler.

However, I think the main reason I want a Fable 3 adaptation is just to see an actor (Michael Fassbender, since he was Logan's voice actor) give the "this is my Albion" speech.

So, what do you think. I know I didn't really give much support to each idea, but if there are any ideas you have feel free to suggest them.


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I would say Red Faction (the original) would be a good sci fi movie.

also, the obvious one is Devil May Cry (at least obvious to me)

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I think persona 3 already has an anime series about it and they are making one for persona 4....

Also no dragon age movie. they would mess it up. Plus the game has to many possible ways of things happening for it to make sense. I don't think they could capture the vibe of the world. It would probably be cliche and annoying and ruin it for me. Plus you can't leave out Oghren! That's messed up. He was important because it's his wife you are looking for in the deep roads and that's an important part of the story. And he's kind of funny.


I think a good game series to make a movie out of would be the resistance series. I wouldn't be surprised if they did actually because it seems like it would fit well as a movie and it's interesting.

Spoiler for most of the game's story

In resistance you don't really know what the enemy is. They are like aliens, but as you progress you find out they are people that are turned into these alien creatures in conversion centers built by them. There is a virus that infects people and they never turn back. These bugs things crawl inside of them infecting them. The aliens have already taken over all of europe (alternate 1950's where WW2 never happened) and england is still left fighting. You are a soldier nathan hale an american who is part of a group giving them aid. It turns out you are resistant to the chimera virus. But you are still infected and it starts effecting you. It allows you body to regenerate. In the second game I think you find out the aliens are preparing earth for them to live on. In the third game they are trying to shroud the planet in a winter preparing it for them to come and live on. There is a massive wormhole in the sky leading to their planet. There was some ancient war where the chimera fought humans to live on earth and they were defeated. There were structures buried from those times the chimera dig up. By the third game a vaccine for the virus is created from hale's blood.  The chimera have fast metabolism so they can regenerate quickly with these packs of bacteria or something, but their bodies over heat so they have packs on their backs that are cooling machines that keep them from over heating.

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I disagree with Dragon Age soley because it is an RPG and you would have to make certain choices cannon which most fans of the game tend to not enjoy, I mean I can't remember which Dragon Age book it is but in the book they say Alistar is king of Ferelden and not many fans are happy about them making that cannon for the books. Really it would step on to many toes and to risky especially when you have to factor in, who do we make it about? A male human? a female elf? A castles dwarf or a dwarf from the royal line? There's to many factors to take in.


Now as for a movie that would be good if done right would be Far Cry 3. Get the same guy who voiced Vaas because he did play Vaas in the webisode series and the character is based soley on the guy who voiced him and it would be great.

Uncharted as a movie which is actually in the works.

Infamous as a movie maybe though that could fall into why I don't agree with Dragon Age as a movie due to moral choices though with Infamous Second Son following Infamous 2's good ending they probably could get away with with saying all of the good choices are the cannon stuff but again touchy, really touchy stuff there.

The Last of Us would be a brilliant movie.

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