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Pacifica Ocean

Hi there, everyone! I'm a new addition to the army.

12 posts in this topic

Hello everyone!

I'm a new addition to the AJSA.
I'm horrible as a soldier though, so... uhh, put me in the mess hall or something?
You guys need something to eat, I presume. I'm good at that!  :D 

Frankly speaking, I used to be good at RTS games, like CnC series. 
Now I'm just terrible, go figure. Tried to play old CnC yesterday, got destroyed in 5 minutes. 
All my people were killed, each assault has failed, and as an insult to the injury - my base was wiped out by an Ion Cannon strike.
What a grand finale, those GDI guys are just... Ugh :angry:  

But I'm getting off-topic here, nevermind that! 
Glad to be of service, guys and girls. 

Peace _V_  ^_^ 

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Thanks, everyone! :)

Maki, there are different types, huh? :D
I don't know, you tell me! I like completely random things: I play RPGs like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, KotOR I-II, more casual games like The Sims and SimCity, yet at the same time I love old Delta Force games by Novalogic ( thanks to my dad ), Command and Conquer, Half-Life, GTA, DooM... MGS. I'm not entirely sure how to classify me based on this.

Random Gamer?  :D 

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You have a good taste in games! :)  Welcome to the AJSA, hope you have fun!!

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