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Samurai Rabbit

Gaming News: 7th of February

4 posts in this topic

Lol to start off, I just wanna say that the logo and name are sick as shit, along with the ending music. XD Well done there. I mainly agree with your assessments of the dungeon keeper mobile app, as almost all mobile games are designed to "part fools from their money" as Angry Joe put it so astutely. I do think that the segments could use a few more than one simple image, it just makes the whole experience a little static, BUT I do not believe that it really damages the quality of the video as a whole. A few source links to back up what you're saying would be a nice supplement, just in the description or towards the end of the video maybe? Other than that, job well done. You've gotten yourself a like, and I'mma take a look at your other vids, and hopefully subscribe if the kick ass. Looking forward to it. XD

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Hi mate, thanks for watching!


And more importantly thanks for the feedback, I'm always looking to improve my content. I'll consider what you've said when I next overhaul my news show. Thanks again!  :)

M1k3yVasNormandy likes this

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Happy to help. XD I run a little channel myself, so I know what you mean.

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