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Looking for players

6 posts in this topic

Currently a team of four regular players, need another member and other people to play with in general. Living in UK would be ideal for server connection. We usually use Skype while we play. Leave a link to your steam profile below. :D


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Id recommend joining the guild by friending MrFool(http://Steamcommunity.com/id/nssteam/) and/or MrDerwisj(http://steamcommunity.com/id/MrDerwisj/) . There is also a Teamspeak server some of us frequently use to play on


More info about who the four regular players are/what roles you gravitate toward would be helpful. Also there is a thread with people looking for teams


edit: something is going horribly wrong :( ok who screwed around with the coding of the website  :( img command doesnt work anymore and now hyperlinks arent working properly either :( and the javascript stuff for the typing stuff thing is still borked :(

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=AJSA=TCGJin , N/A player but my internet can handle anything so if you need a 5th I'll gladly AA carry you :P

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Hey, I can help you out, I'm living in sweden so play with you guys will not be a problem and I'm a pretty good player aswell!

Just add Skype name: Crysaw1

and Steam name: CrysaW

Peace! xD

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