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any tips on getting a new gaming pc game ready

9 posts in this topic

hello everyone


i recently got a new gaming rig but had to reinstall windows

so my question to this wonderful community dous anybody have any tips and tricks on making your pc game ready asap and keeping it running for as long as possibul?


by: bowmanruto

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If you are going to look at porn be careful.


You may think i'm making a joke but porn sites are notorious for being riddled with key loggers and virus.


Internet sex will give your PC herpes.

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Check the usual background programs carefully, a bad firewall can give you a lot of problems with gaming and antivirus can eat half of your ram.

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1. get steam up and running

2. get some games

3. enjoy  

good tip for newcommers to pc gaming

from my standpoint: are 60 games with at least 6 hours playtiome on each enuf XD

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The most I can say is make sure it's Windows 7 instead of 8

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Anti virus software and anything but windows 8. Also force a windows update, and make sure it has the latest ones, usually this will involve installing a pack of them, restarting and doing it again. It doesn't always do them in one go, some updates need other updates to work. Make sure to check the optional updates tab, because this will most likely contain drivers for your peripheral hardware (Video/sound card etc.). However do not use the ones that install things like internet explorer and other non essential programs. Make sure Java and flash player are up to date as well.


I highly advise getting Firefox. Internet Explorer is notoriously unsafe, and I find Firefox to be much more user friendly than Chrome.


I would buy a 1 terabyte or larger external drive and use that solely for steam and your games. That way if you crash or a HDD breaks you will still have all your stuff, however this is just an optional thing. Think of what games you play the most, install those first then start the rest of them before you go to sleep. 


When you have your games ready start up the most graphics intense one, set it to highest settings, and lower each option one at a time and apply them ,to get an idea what you can run. Not all games are the same but it will give you a general idea what you will have problems with. Like my computer has problems with detailed shadows, so I turn shadows off, or to low on games. Once you set your games to the max settings possible without bad framerate, leave the most graphics intense one running for 30-minutes to an hour, longer is better but again not essential, then put your hand by your fan exhausts and feel how hot the air is. Make sure to leave a decent space between the tower and walls, or desk.


I would download rain meter, and speed fan. They are diagnostic tools to show a lot of nice information about what the PC is doing. Rainmeter has a lot of different skins you can use so pick one you like, but makes sure it at least has CPU, GPU, and RAM monitors. Here is what mine looks like.  http://imageshack.com/a/img834/2093/q22e.png


I know I'm forgetting some things, I will post again if I remember.

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If you know the makers of your GPU (graphics card) then check for driver updates on their website frequently. If there's ever a graphical problem with your particular model it will be sorted from a simple few clicks.

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