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Maeglin Telrunya

Anyone Else Excited for Shadow Of Mordor

5 posts in this topic

Hey guys. 

I was just wondering if anyone else was excited for shadow of mordor, since I was looking through a topic on most looked forward to games, or something of that nature, and I didn't notice anyone else looking forward to it. And if your not looking forward to it, why not? And if you have not f**king clue what I'm talking about, here's a video of alpha playthrough, 

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I think it will be average, while the nemesis idea is creative and intriguing, I don't think the combat system will make the game stand out. Hopefully the story is amazing, but I have my doubts. Will look for reviews when this game comes out.

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Ugh, yea wraith powers look fucking bad ass. I hope the combat feels polished. I can't take another bland and clunky mess from another Lord of the Rings Game. 

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Another thread here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/14195-middle-earth-shadows-of-mordor/

It has some interesting perspectives, and this is now the third thread about the game. Lets not clutter the boards too much yes?

Of Course. My apologies. I should have checked before posting the topic.

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