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So guys, im so insanely excited for ESO.
Idk why, people keep saying its empty and boring but im just so excited! And i was wondering, what do you look forward to the most?
And for those who have played the beta, was it any good?
I also hope there will be a AJSA guild, cause really? We would destroy dem butts errywhere.

Greetings from norway!  :D

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Greetings Mcare. I played a few of the different betas for ESO and definitely enjoyed myself. 

Most of the negative comments I have heard against it have to do with it being not enough ES and too much MMO or that people are upset by it being a $15/month subscription etc.

I definitely hope that AJSA will have a guild in ESO. In his recent Youtube vid looking at PVP, AJ seemed to really lean towards Aldmeri Dominion as his favored faction. I'm curious to see if the army will follow suit and lean towards that for the guild.

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I've played the beta for the past 2 weekends that it has been open and its awesome!  

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