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The Fanboi Podcast: Episode 1

1 post in this topic

This is the new and improved Fanboi podcast! been working on it for a while now check it out fellow AJSA members! heres some info about this cast 
we shoot the shit about anything gaming related that's on our minds most notably:
The Resident Evil franchise: By Barry Burton's beard! can this classic series be saved? plus Capcom's stupidest moves of late.
The Elder Scrolls Online: Nick and Dii discuss the good, the bad and everything inbetween since playing the Beta.
The next Tomb Raider game: what should the future hold for the series? and Nick gets reminiscent of Lara Crofts of old.
EA dungeon keeper: plus a ton of other stupid business decisions that have been going on in the gaming world as of late.
Sonic Boom: its more than just a roided up Knuckles game. 
Feminism VS Games: We touch on a touchy subject here and give our blunt as hell views on the whole argument.
Flappybirds: ..yeah Flappy fu*king Birds 
Demonising Video games in the media: you've read the reports cringed at the media's take on gaming now we go balls deep into the whole Media VS Gaming aspect.
Fable Anniversary: Dii gets a bit raged up over the Fable re-release and all its glorious glitches.
please let me know what you think input is always welcome thanks people :)

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