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Mandatory rules/Promotion requirements and pending features

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Fellow guild members! After a tumultuous and hectic start to the guild, we think its about time that we put down some rules and get some things organized.




Regarding guild members on NA (Northern Shiverpeaks) and EU (Seafarer's Rest) servers:

- It is recommended to have a forum account as we will coordinate all of our events from here.

- It is mandatory to represent in-game.  If a member is found not to represent, they will be sent a whisper and if there is no reply, then they are kicked from the guild.  Afterwards, you can re-apply if you're committed to represent the guild.  Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis (like Havok squad in WvW) by pm'ing the veterans, sergeants or myself so we can make a note of it.  At the very least, 25% of rep time has to be Angry Army.


Requirements for promotion to veteran rank:

     -Must have a forum account

     -Regular use of Teamspeak ( this is preferred but not required) 

     -Need to participate in guild events/dungeon runs/WvW sorties

     -Demonstrate knowledge/competence in aspect(s) of the game e.g. PvE, PvP, WvW, crafting

     -Be a member of good standing with fellow guild members


Regarding activity levels:

Members who do not log in for more than 1 month will be kicked from the guild unless they pm any veterans/sargeants/officer to notify them about their absence.  This is done to make space for new guild members.  If you come back and find out that you were kicked, you can re-apply.


Rules for raffle contests: (on hold for now)

1. All participants have to be members of this forum and the guild.

2. If the raffle is an exotic, then it will cost 20 silver per entry.  Alternatively, we would sometimes raffle 3 random rares (level 76-80) with an entry fee of 30 silver.

3. Maximum of 2 raffle entries per person.

4. The raffle money should be mailed to me in-game (account name is Gingook.2971) so I can update a google spreadsheet for all to see and to keep track of who has paid (link for that will be posted here), I will then forward all proceeds to the guild bank.

5. You can withdraw your entry money at anytime before Thursday (2 days before the draw), just make sure you pm me or your fellow sergeants/veterans on the forums or in-game.

6. This site will be used to choose the winner... who will be announced before the guild mission.


Rules for donations:

- Money donations should be placed in the lowest bank section.  Item donations can be placed in the lower 2 sections of the guild bank, the treasure trove and deep cave... not the first section.

- Once a donation is made, the donor needs to take a screenshot of the bank log containing the transaction and new guild bank fund (or bank inventory if its an item donation).  The donor must then contact a veteran, sergeant or officer via forum pm or TS to get it verified within 5 days of the donation.

- Entries to the raffle contest are also counted as donations.

- In addition to gold, donations can be made with specific items, which include

   - Tier 5 or tier 6 common crafting materials

   - Tier 5 or tier 6 fine crafting materials, includes karka shells and watchwork sprokets

   - Tier 5 rare crafting materials, includes sun bead, large skull, giant eye, mystic coin, pristine toxic spore sample, watchwork mechanism and glob of ectoplasm

   - Ascended materials such as deldrimor steel ingot, xunlai electrum ingot, spiritwood plank, elonian leather square and bolt of damask

   - Tier 5 or tier 6 gemstones, includes passion flower

   - Mixed chef ingredients (list of these is below the basic ingredients)

   - All festive materials, includes snowflakes of all tiers, pieces of candy corn, skulls, nougat centers, plastic fangs and pieces of zhaitaffy

   - All doubloons, includes copper, silver, gold and platinum doubloons

   - Level 75-80 rare weapons/armor

   - Exotic weapons/armor

   - Exotic runes/sigils (upgrade components) ( must be worth 5s or more each)

   - 15/18/20 slot bags or their corresponing runes of holding i.e. major, greater and superior runes of holding

***For item donations, the trading post price of the item(s) (specifically, the highest buy order) at the time of verification will be added as the donation.


- Once the item/money donation is verified, the amount will be recorded under their name in a google spreadsheet document.


Our budget will be used for the following:

- Commander tags for veterans/sergeants that display promise and competence in PvE and/or WvW

- Fund the guilds very own PvP server (costs 2 gold a day to maintain)

- Fund the fashion contest (and other future contests)

- Purchase and upgrade WvW siege weapons (make alpha -> omega golems)

- Some of the exotics will be used in future raffles or PvP tournament prizes

- Consumables e.g. Sharpening stones, omnomberry bars, maintenance oils

- Buy more influence if we run low on it and need guild upgrades

- If the budget permits, we will do giveaways for guild members on a first come, first serve basis (there will be a specified quota for each member).  The quality of the items will improve as the guild budget increases i.e. initially 10-15 slot bags that will be crafted and sent out.  We might then progress to upgrade components, weapons/armor and we might even establish a mats-on-demand system once our funds are sufficient.



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