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Wesker Reborn

Umbrella is at your disposal

2 posts in this topic

Afternoon All,


Want to say a BIG hello from the wet, miserable and cold London, England. Been a fan for a long time and finally get to be apart of something bigger.


Real names Stephen, family call me Steve, friends call me Wesker not because I look like him but more that I'm a huge Resident Evil fan for a long time and love the franchise. I've studied the games and films and play them as much as I can, I've even dressed up as Wesker on a few occasions while attending Mid-night launches when I worked with Gamestation and attending conferences.  


I do enjoy many other games like Devil May Cry, Battlefield, GTA, CoD, Zelda, MassEffect and Darksouls. I could go on all day really but thats boring. My gaming experience started around 6-7 years old, mum supported it, dad didnt. I go back to the Atari, Commador and Snes, nearly all the Retro consoles working my way up with Sega Saturn / Mega Drive / Dreamcast, Playstation 1/2/3, Nintendo Gamecube / Wii / Wii U, Microsoft Xbox / Xbox360 / Pc and most handhelds. 


Girl friend is also a gaming nut mainly into Tomb Raider as Lara is her idol. I'm currently looking for work after leaving my last job as I wasnt happy which is giving me time to catch up with my gaming.


I have been Watching Angry Joe for a long time and I have always enjoyed his videos and mostly agree with his reviews. The GTA one with him dressed up as a officer getting into a tiny police car is by far a favorite. Your doing a GREAT job Joe so please keep it up. I wont be able to commit all my time to coming online as I'm in and out of the house keeping myself busy but I will do my best from time to time to jump :)

Wish this army all the best in the future :)

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