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Dark Souls: How I defeated the Capra Demon... eventually

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I am trying to finish Dark Souls 1 before I buy Dark Souls 2. This is just a collection of clips which represents my progress in this game. I am actually much further ahead in the game since I made this video but I still think it is really funny and it helped me learn what kind of mistakes I was making.


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You rely way way too much on armor and blocking and that will be your downfall for future bosses like the four kings. Light on your feet and excellent dodging skills are the way to go. If you want to wear that armor, I recommend getting Havel's ring to increase your carrying capacity/how much you can carry to roll correctly. I don't have Dark Souls 2, but this was how I got through the first and could later troll people by doing pvp in Black Knight armor while I was level 10 and make them rage quit immediately. :P

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