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Really wanna see AJ do a new Star Trek Online review.

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So I know I'm very new here, and getting used to new forums is dificult for me.

But I thought I'd give it a shot since AJ is my favorite Video game reviewer.


So in the past AJ did do a post release video on Star Trek Online, back when the game got released after its 8 month (actual work put into) development time by cryptic. And the game itself has undergone enormous changes since the days of its release, including the release of "Legacy of Romulus"  the first expansion for STO, and underwent 8.5 seasons since launch.


I"d love to see AJ's opinion on STO and how he'd review it now.

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It would certainly be interesting, though unlikely. I believe Joe, when he reviews MMOs, likes to play the entire story. Playing the entire story in an MMO, if it is good at least, takes awhile. Joe has a lot of other things on his plate and more games to review. Not saying it shouldn't happen, but most likely it wont.


I also may be mistaken, but I recall him saying he doesn't revisit and review older games.

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