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The Creator

Music\Poems, does it goes around here?

7 posts in this topic

Greeting my fellow brothers and sisters of this army!

I haven't been around alot, posted alot or anything similar to it, but i have been wondering, does this community takes kindly to music, soundtrack, poems, etc...

I just not long ago started to write some blessings that looked kinda...poetic, so i took that as a hobby, and thought to start making up poems, i'm not going to say, i'm a professional, but music was a great part of my life, and i enjoy listening to it...made some covers on youtube...really few, again started not long ago...that information is kinda irrelevant...

Anyway, why is your opinion about music? do you enjoy listening to it, do you like video game soundtracks, their music, the power it creates in you when you listen to it? and what kind you usually listen? (for me it's rock, metal, classic, orchestra, pop and sometimes really old jazz)

Unfortunately i'm no composer which means i cannot create my own songs, i can write the words, but to add the music, i just envy sometimes those who can do it, these people have talent, i'm a listener, i stand on the side and listen.

I'm probably wasting your time reading all of this, although i would be grateful for you opinion.

I'm not sure what else to add on this topic, wished i had something on mind, which could be more bright, but i thank you for the patience and your will to share.

Best regards!

P.s: apologies for the bad grammar\spelling, English isn't my first language, so i may have made some mistakes...

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I like music, i like jazz, blues, funk but mostly metal and especially death metal. 

Lyrics are not as important to me in my music then the music itself, i appreciate technique and the emotion that you can convey with sound alone. Lyrics can do that as well, only in a more direct way. 

I hate happy music, happy music lacks passion and depth, which are important in my music. I play guitar, i sing, i have written some stuff down, lyrics and riffs but haven't made anything solid yet. In time i will. But now i mostly play covers of Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader and all other kinds of heavy and fast goodness. :P

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I like any kinda music i just love the fact music transcends the language barrier and be enjoyed by all.


Not a big fan of poems as the only ones i ever hear are just filled with profanities and are told by pissed up folks at the local pub!

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Not a fan of poetry, especially amateur stuff ... I mean no disrespect to amateur poets here but most of it sounds like the rantings of a morphine fuelled alcoholic nutcase.


Music wise I generally listen to 60's and 80's. I was brought up on 60's music and the 80's was my childhood so they both stuck with me.


Not really a fan of modern stuff as a whole but I do like the odd song here and there.


As far as games go, I rarely listen to ingame music. I either have my own on or a film on as background noise.

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I'm a big fan of "classical" and Metal. I also love video game music.


I'm not a "fan" a poems but I don't dislike them.

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Well my "poems" are not some drunk night in the bar, they are more used for blessings, i just said they sound "poetic" because no one ever thinks of what i say, pretty awesome when you start blessing about stuff that no one understands, but get the meaning, which kinda warms my heart when people enjoy it. 

It's ok if you don't enjoy it, just asked what people opinion stand for it, i guess people heard some boring, weird stuff before that called it "poetry" but every human among us has his own taste, i don't listen to poetry myself, i just find it kinda nice to write it as a blessing for someone's birthday, or a toast, etc...

Again just wanted to hear your opinion and i appreciate the fact i had some similarities with some people about music itself.

Forgot to mention, Two steps from hell is also on the list...after all epic music...powerful, strength, relax...which is kinda funny when i try to cover it with my guitar...for some reason i have tears every time i do it...

Apologies for showing emotions here, but i feel more open with you...

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