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New Titanfall and Wildstar player

4 posts in this topic

Wassup everybody! I've been a lurker for a few months but now that Titanfall is out, I'm ready to start making some friends :) I've played CoD Black Ops in the past and was a big WoW player for years. Looking forward to Wildstar when it releases. I'm laid back and sort of a casual player that's on all the time. Adult, single and no kids...don't be jelly lol. Work from home and love me some video games. 

I've reached G2 lvl 40 in Titanfall but with a %40 average wins to loss. Still have heaps of fun and feel I would definitely improve with someone in my ear. The people I've come across in game mostly don't use their mics :( But, when I do have someone barking orders per say, helps me alot. Last good match with "commander" we made one of the turrets "base" and forced enemy players to come to us. He called out enemy players coming from behind me while I watched his back. Was a good time :)

When Wildstar comes out, I plan on going with Exile and probably choose engineer or spellslinger. In WoW I rolled Shaman so need to see which I like best full time. As MMO's go, I'm more of the helper/quester/dungeon grinding type of player. All the raiding I've done was just for progression and challenge, not gear. I like my mounts and things in game I can show off or help others get, not just look pretty or one shot stuff.

Think that's a good introduction. My library on Steam is over 170 games and about a dozen or so on both Uplay and Origin. To be sure I'm what some of you are looking for :) So hit me up on Teamspeak, or in game. I'm the only Staetik out there. Nice simple name no funky letters or spelling, well sorta lol. Later peeps.

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Hey there, fellow WoW player. I tried out Wildstar on a closed beta weekend. It's an awesome game and I hope we can play it together. :)

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Welcome Staetik, and may you find many people to play with. :)

World of Warcraft says hi btw. :) I never was a hardcore raider , so LFR sorta saved my bacon when it comes to seeing end game content.

( Not sure if that´s an expression people use lol. None-English here. ) Mounts and pets are always cool. ^_^  

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Welcome to your new life angry recruit, it’s always welcoming to see a new social gamer joining our angry ranks. Don’t forget to sign up to the Angry Army Guild of your preferred game. If you have any questions please contact the nearest Angry Officer of that game on Teamspeak. (Teamspeak makes things less complicated). 

So you think you will go for wildstar?  A lot of my mates fell to the temptation of ESO but I think I might join the Wildstar ranks. Just seems more interesting.

"OOM dose NOT mean im out of monsters and i want more"

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