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Set Piece Crafting Locations Guide

2 posts in this topic

Howdy all, thought i'd make this thread for us crafters


We all know that there are unique crafting locations in the world that allow us to create special sets with unique traits once we've researched enough traits on different armor and weapons


so i thought i'd create a thread for us to keep track of them

here's the block i have in mind for the crafting location


Location name: (and description of where it is)


Set Name:

Set Properties:

Number Of Traits Needed:

Hostile Location: (Y/N) [meaning are there enemies around it or is it in a dungeon]




Location Name: Eastshore Islets Camp, just south of the Silsalen manor, along the beach

Region: Auridon

Set Name: Death's Wind

Properties: if struck by a melee attack while below 35% health, triggers an AOE knockback. can only activate every 3 minutes (requires 3 equipped items)

Number Of Traits Needed: 2

Hostile Location: N


Location Name: Beacon Falls, just east of North Beacon, northern Auridon shoreline

Region: Auridon

Set Name: Ashen Grip

Properties: Fiery Breath..10% chance to breath fire for 0 flame damage on melee hits, this can happen once every 4 seconds (requires 3 equipped items)

Number Of Traits Needed: 2

Hostile Location: N


Location Name: Hightide Keep, ruin entrance east of Skywatch, on the beach

Region: Auridon

Set Name: Night's Silence

Properties: while hidden, increase health regeneration by 40% (requires 3 equipped items)

Number Of Traits Needed: 2

Hostile Location: Y


Location Name: Fisherman's Isle, starting location in Grahtwood

Region: Grahtwood

Set Name: Torug's Pact

Properties: +100 armor (3 equipped items); reduces weapon enchantment internal cooldown by 1 second (5 equipped items)

Number Of Traits Needed: 3

Hostile Location: N

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Location name: Divine Sanctum NW from elden root and east of gil-var-delle way shrine

Region: Grahtwood

Set Name: Armor of the Seducer

Properties: Reduce the cost of spells by3%  (3 equipped items)

Number Of Traits Needed: 3

Hostile Location: N

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