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Xbox AJSA? Xbox one for myself. Cod team and more?

4 posts in this topic

HEY EVERYONE. I'm bringing this forward to maybe ask about putting some sort of ajsa twist onto Xbox? Xbox one mainly with a cod team maybe, getting into GB, Fifa, all of that stuff? Bringing YouTube into it also. Maybe even get Joe himself to come into some games and have a good laugh, this can be something fun and rewarding because getting a GB team and all sorts of awesome stuff into the mix!

Tell me what you think?

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Ah, Ill stick to my PC, I'm more of a CS person myself. They're might be people who are interested.

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AJSA is primary a PC community while some have consoles (me owning a Xbox One and PC) as of now GTA 5 and Destiny are the only console games and games like CoD, BF4, ESO or any other main title game will not be on console unless there is no PC version like Destiny which PS4 seems to be what most will be playing on for it, i'll be too when i get one.

and it is PC because PC is just easier to do events and such, plus it's a majority here. 


so nothing agents console or primary console players, but it is not at all likely that much of any games will be official on console.

(and not to mention the XB1's party system would even complicate things further) 

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I know you're a new member and you're likely a big fan of the show or Joe's streams on Twitch, but let me just direct you to this section of the AJSA Code of Conduct.


The “Angry Joe” Policy - Because of the special nature of a personality driven gaming community we have to implement a new rule so recruits are aware of the policy of conduct towards Angry Joe and have their expectations properly set. If you are looking to sign up to the community for the sole purpose to “talk to”, “play with”, or “get personal time” with Angry Joe, please DO NOT APPLY. Although Angry Joe will be participating in Weekly Community Events, Obtaining Beta Codes for us, Speaking with Developers on our behalf, set your expectations to never play with him personally. Its not impossible and it is likely to happen eventually, but please do not be offended if he has to politely decline your friend request, gamertag, game invite, etc. Event Slots are limited and often Officers and Supporters take precedent in these smaller player count circumstances. Excessive messages, mic spam or stalking of Angry Joe will not be tolerated. Please conduct yourself in a civil and respectful manner when interacting with any personalities be it Angry Joe, his other friends on his show or other personalities within Polaris/Maker Studios on Youtube who may drop by to play with us.

​ “Frankly, I’d like to play with each and every one of you, as you are the only reason I’m able to do what I do! I am eternally grateful. Unfortunately that’s physically impossible with all of my other responsibilities. This community isnt about me, its about you guys and your combined power! We only have influence and say because of you guys not because of me. Just think of Angry Joe as silly Mascot for your favorite team! If your only reason for joining is playing with me personally, its likely not going to happen, I’d advise you to please watch and enjoy my Twitch streams or Youtube Videos instead. Thanks Guys, You Rock!” - Angry Joe

It's great to have you in the community with us, but keep in mind that you're in a community. Joe is not the sole member of the community, and he's not guaranteed to show up to any small event that you hold within the community. It's very unlikely with the way his schedule is packed between Twitch streams, live events and reviews. We want you to be an active participant in what other things we have planned, but don't bank everything on the hopes that Angry Joe will join.

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