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I am a Potato.

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TaintedSpud, reporting for duty!

I'm a longtime gamer, starting back in the NES era. While browsing youtube one fateful day, I came across the Angry Joe channel... then proceeded to binge watch it.

I'm mostly a PC gamer, with a special draw towards MMOs. I've gone everywhere from Felucca to Azeroth to Eorzea, and planning a trip to Nexus... and possibly Tamriel.I try to get on when I can, but between a thus far fruitless job hunt and an unpredictable girlfriend, that is sometime easier said than done.

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Nice to meet you, im going to start with ESO tomorrow and have been in beta and think it is well worth it. i have a few games on Steam and am always open to more AJSA members to play with on the side there, but ESO PvP is going to be BIG in the AJSA so that will be the awesome in my opinion. the forums are also very fun and interesting too. Welcome!

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Becareful out there, turtles love to eat MASHED potatoes 


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