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Xcom: Enemy Within

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Xcom: Enemy Within has all the features from EU, DLC, and new content for 20 dollars less than the original.  I'm definitely getting this for my Xbox 360, anyone have any other thoughts they'd like to share about the game

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I find it funny how console players have to buy a disc to play this and it won't require Xcom: Enemy Unknown but on PC it requires Xcom: Enemy Unknown at least through Steam. Oh well it'll be fun anyways.

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Cause they can't release it as DLC on consoles due to file size limit imposed by Sony and MS, or so I've heard.


I'm not sure if I'll buy it to be honest. I really enjoy Enemy Unknown but I don't play it much now and I bought the DLC for it so I'm kinda meh toward paying again lol. Hopefully it'll come out on PS+ after six months or something. :)

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Really makes me happy I'm PC then, do you know if you have to pay full price? cause its only $30 for PC.

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