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Well had enough Internet for one life time Good Bye Everybody!

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Do none of you tools understand the deep meaning of this?

It's an abstract advant-garde piece commenting on how we, as a diet heavy, fat hating society, increasingly try to stomp out unhealthy foods (like outlawing them)... but when we do, we always let things slip by us and causes harm. Like when Colorado banned KFC in low income areas, and an increase of testicular cancer took place shortly after. Only after the men had lost their balls did they allow for medicinal KFC. The damage was already done. We're monsters

This is the pinnacle of art and the antithesis for dieting.


/thread. Lrn2symbolize scrubs. God.

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Is it wrong that I got a boner while watching this?

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I've seen worse. At least this hast the decency to try to say something.

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It says something alright.


It says numpty's shouldn't try and dance in butter while wearing heels.


They will fall over.


And Gomly will laugh.


Seeing as practically anything can be considered "art" in this day and age (and I use the term "art" loosely, it's lost all fucking meaning) i'm going to see if I can sell a shit I just had ..... normally i'd say that jokingly but you know some muppet would buy it.

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