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Best ways to level up Blacksmithing

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To all my fellow Blacksmithers in ESO I was wondering what are the best ways to level up this skill. This is the only craft Im focusing at the moment since I want to be able to make top grade heavy Armor and weapons for my friends and fellow guild members. It just seems this is taking forever to do. I just made level 10 while I have friends that have put the same amount of time in game are in level 20 or higher.

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Easiest way is to buddy up with someone, craft a ton of stuff, swap with your friend and then break it all down. 


You get more crafting xp for breaking down gear other people craft than your own.


If you look in chat you'll see people looking to swap crafted gear. Usually daggers.

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Mine everything (duh), and craft things that don't use a lot of mats (As Gomly said, daggers usually only use 4 or 5 iron I think). If you have the money and the friends to trade with trade them, break down every weapon you have (or research if something has something you're interested in, researching is important to get good gear), rinse and repeat.

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I didn't do the math but so far i noticed that i level up faster crafting and deconstructing level 4 iron daggers, i think i'll do the same once i find steel and so on.

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Fastest, easiest, and most profitable way is to look for the "torches" on the map.

And the farm the "mini-boss" in them.

Del's Claim: 1 - 5 (Iron / Maple)

[i don't recall the name, but it's the one where you have to close the Covenant portal. I'll try and get the name when I get home]: 5 - 10 (Steel / ???)

[unknown; haven't leveled much]



**EDIT: It appears that as of now you don't earn any XP from refining material

Farm Cyrodil for Ebony Ore. You can smelt/refine any level of resources at any time...you just need to Train to build with it.

Pro-tip: Have a nearly empty bag...you will find a lot of runes....like enough to make a road.  :wacko:


They're fast because of the greens and blues that drop. And you gain a little coin.


Bonus: You get Health, Stamina, Magicka potions. I easily left these with 100 [full stack] of each potion

Bonus: I've yet to run out of FILLED Soul Gems, thanks to the mini-boss

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