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Lord Baldur

The media causes violence

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This is a statement that has been echoed for ages.The media causes violence. Is it true? Yes, but if you look at it, there have been several scapegoats such as movies, music and the main scapegoat since 1999, video games. The last one in particular really pisses me off because as someone who plays a lot of video games, I notice that there is a gigantic divide between people who play games and people who don't. Basically the people who don't play videogames have absolutely no idea about what they really are. And of course, the media exploits every single time a shooting occurrs. However, there is no concrete evidence that video games cause violence. In fact, if you look at the statistics, violent crime has gone down since video games were introduced.
There isn't even a correlation between the two. However there is a reason why the media always uses video games as a scapegoat. It is because they are in competition with them. The Gaming industry is so massive, they gross more money than movies. Not only that, but younger people often prefer video games over cable and will instead get tv off of Netflix assuming they don't pirate it. So these companies do what every company does. Compete by bashing the competition. It's just that now it's easy because they have a demographic of people over 50 who never played a video game before in their life being told that they are bad and they cause violence. And in all honesty, it's very easy to think that if you take a kids game like Mario, Sonic, Spyro, you name it, these kids games can involve the main protagonist dying or in the case of Spyro, killing.

So in the end, a lot of it is misinformation that these companies exploit. Yet with all this going on, there is a cruel irony to all of this. As I said in the title, the media causes violence. Well yes. Just not video games, music, movies, comic books or anything like that. The people who publish the news cause violence. Think about it. When a shooting occurs, there is ALWAYS a pattern. A shooting goes on and of course the news blames video games, but they also glorify the shooter. Everyone knows Adam Lanza, Anders Brevik, Seng-hui, Klebold and Charles Whitman is, but nobody knows who the fuck Noah Pozner is. Why? Because it's the shooters who become famous. The news speaks of his life, how he grew up, how he committed the act, what type of gun he used, you get the entire portfolio on these guys just by watching the news. So being portrayed as an antihero instead of a piece of shit, it comes to no surprise that there are copycats that occur about a week or so after the major event. Case in point, there was a shooting in Kansas City yesterday that left 3 people dead. This comes 11 days after the shooting in Fort Hood which was the same site of another infamous shooting back in 2009. Do you honestly think these shootings have nothing to do with eachother? The Fort Hood Shooter also hypocritically called out Adam Lanza before the shooting took place. So it's clear this guy had a clear recollection and possible obsession over previous shootings. In the end though, the bottom line is that the news has no soul. Infact having a soul would probably get you fired.

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Soooooo. Your point is? Haven't we talked enough about this now? We have discussed this for ages, is it not time to move on? Its not even about games anymore, its just politics. Let's stay away from that.

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