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The Bank just disappeared?

5 posts in this topic

Well after Tuesdays patch and a couple of Error 209's I finally got into the game. Loaded up and instantly got the 4 in game mails for the Imperial edition (My second set mind you). I cursed Zenimax profusely enough that my BF left the room, after asking what had just irritated me enough to out curse my SgtMaj father.


With the knowledge that my bank had just been stolen by Zenimax and there craptastic game, code, lack of code, bug, whatever one wishes to use as an adjective, I mosey my toon to the bank, sure enough 0/60 items in my bank. Upon further investigation, I notice my 6k in gold is also gone, along with the two upgrades I had purchased during the first two days of early release.


Do not worry, Jade, Zenimax will fix it and return the 20 items you lost, your gold and give you the 20 slots back. Unfortunately, Zenimax customer service has already stated they will not be refunding any items any gold lost nor any bank slots. The items and cash I could possible understand there take on this. There response is doing so would harm the in game currency market, WTF! Oh well.


I had signed up for the 6 month subscription hoping that although the past two weeks have been pretty much a pain in the butt to do anything in this game due to bugs and lack of bug fixes, extended maintenance times, I will be revisiting that subscription page before the 6th of May and make a decision whether or not to donate them 15 dollars for a broke game with terrible customer service.


In comparison EA, while they are the evil of gaming, at least have a customer service team that will go out of their way to assist you whether in their chat room on the phone or whatever. That is my experience with EA customer.


Im positive that I will receive some response to this thread with the same old. "It's a new game"  I agree with that, the refusal to, at the minimum, to replace my bank slots is just a slap in my face. Who knows maybe when they find the bug and fix it they will rollback the entire game to release day, wonder if the fanbois would still praise Zenumax if that happened




A response in the thread I posted about this on the Official forums states, they knew about this bug during the beta and the post says that why he does not use the ingame bank and has two alts make for nothing but storing his items and money. So another bug they did not fix before release

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ESO clearly has serious issues. I love Elder Scrolls, but I'm honestly not sure how long I'll keep at it. With the monthly fee, I'm just not sure it's worth my time. It's sad, I really wanted to love this game.

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You are suppose to try the sweet flirty style with them before curse and RAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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TESO reminds me of SWToR, looking like constant  bugs and issues and they dont care hey made 100+ mil off preorders. Is Joe angry yet?

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Funny thing is the only thing that irritated me with SWTOR was the stupid staggered release on early release which in all honesty did nothing to alleviate the server populations. I will give ESO this I didn't have to log onto a server my guild wasn't playing on because of ten hour que times on the guild server.


Since I played on low pop servers during release of ToR maybe that's why I didn't have a bad experience with the game during release. Think it took me like ten day to get to the guild server

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