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Game Ideas, share yours now

67 posts in this topic


Ask questions, I'm more than happy to answer....


You theme sounds pretty interesting. I have a few questions;

When you say MORPGFPS, could you elaborate more? I mean, is it more like a deus ex game with multiplayer elements or an elder scrolls or some other type?

Is it narrative focused, or do you have some interesting mechanic(s) in mind? 

It sounds quite Triple A. Have you planned out the scope of the project and how long it will take you? I ask as I worry it might be too much for yourself or even a small team.

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I would say the game is closest to the MMO Neocron, with the skill tree development of Anarchy Online/Eve online, but with the world 'wow factor' that Fallout 3 or Skyrim had when you first stepped outside.

There is minimal hand holding and fancy "!" above characters heads.

The interesting mechanics side of things will actually be the players themselves. Here is my rough introduction to the world from a players POV based on the story theme previously posted (the trick is there is no introduction yet)

  • Player logs into server (authenticates etc)
  • Similar to halflife start but riding on a bus (around the year 2020)
  • A voice over and TV screen in bus is showing the player what to expect when arriving at the miltary complex
  • Bus stops inside a big military type complex (Think Stargate ) players POV (with a little freedom ) is guided through the character creation process. which involves player POV showing ID to a security checkpoint (at this time the characters name is entered, and what profession background Military or Scientific).
  • POV moves to changing room, where player creates avatars appearance. 
  • POV is then guided to debarkation room (similar to Stargate, but can't think of anything better to call it), with a final security check point where player can adjust character details (name/appearance/background).
  • A briefing is narrated, and the player is told to expect a lovely world and a well established city (Code name: Foxtrot 39) next to an ocean, etc. 
  • player is moved into the "Transfer Gate' portal, and through a wormhole is sent to the this distant world.

Now at this point the player does not know about the events that occurred to Foxtrot 39, they are prepared to arrive at a nice city. Due to the wormhole, faster than light travel, fancy physics stuff and the vast distance involved, the character experiences nearly instantaneous travel but in fact nearly 4 normal years have passed.

  •  The character arrives at the destination, but the arrival area is all rickety and dirty, and barely held together, and is underground.
  • The arrival NPCs greet the character, and is told to talk with the lead scientist for a briefing.
  • Lead scientist then narrates the massive backstory.


The real trick here is the early players of the game, get to explore the world and are involved with the initial battle to try to save the city from the invaders. Becoming rebels, renegades, pirates, farmers, hunters, living away from the city etc.


For game world mechanics

  • Open world opt in/out PVP
  • Player/guild built fortress/bases/bunkers/sheds
  • Hacking simulation (similar to the Uplink), used for PVP area, and for PVE against the invaders
  • Drones some built for combat, or recon (similar to drones in Neocron)
  • Depending on the player Rank (based on reputation from NPCs, not player level), the player can create custom missions based on their profession, Crafting, research for the scientist types, and combat, escort rescue, for the Military types.

The only Third person mode allowed will be vanity mode, with a delay from switching out of the mode (to reduce the chance of players exploiting a camera clipping through walls cheat.


My initial plan was 1000 player per server, that just isn't going to happen as would be too costly for the infrastructure, hosting etc.

Second plan was cut to around 128 players per server (modern technology, this could be managed)

My latest plan probably about 2 years ago, was to have public servers and rated servers, and allow character transfer between them but only one way transfer (public to public, or rated to public, but not from public to rated).


The biggest problem I have found with most MMOs with development is not so much the network code, and DB stuff (all can be handled by Middleware), the biggest monster is content (the story, graphics, items, maps and levels on and on). Dynamic games like MMOs are content whores (DLC after DLC).


With the availability of good Middleware MMO engines,  HeroEngine, Bigworld (all reasonably priced for the indie dev), or Unity with Photon server (again reasonably priced), the possibility of this MORPGFPS seeing the light is becoming closer.


As for Triple A (that doesn't quite mean the same as it used to), but yes I would say for this idea to be successful it would require polish and alot of it. 

I've been working on this for nearly 10 years (brainstorming, prototyping, testing skill progression, created a simple Pencil and Paper version), If I totaled up the time I have spent on this project maybe 6 months (pretty pathetic I know :)  ).

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I would say the game is closest to the MMO Neocron, with the skill tree development of Anarchy Online/Eve online, but with the world 'wow factor' that Fallout 3 or Skyrim had when you first stepped outside.

Yea, I would be of the opinion that this is far too big for a team less than 50 even and may require a gigantic budget. That's what I mean by Triple A. I would either scale down immensely or go for more attainable goals. Even Guild Wars 1 took 3-4 years and several dozen people to complete. Of course, if you could prove me wrong, I would be over the moon and I would play that game to death! :)

btw, you said you made prototypes. Any we could see or play?

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Yes, this project if/when I could get it completed (or at least to stage to approach an investor), and has all the bells, and whistles that I have written down. It would be a top tier MORPGFPS. The hardest part for me is putting on all the different hats, one moment a coder, next 3d modeler, etc.. 


 Of course, if you could prove me wrong, I would be over the moon and I would play that game to death! :)

btw, you said you made prototypes. Any we could see or play?

Nice to know that the idea and concept has at least 1 other potential player :)

The prototypes were pretty much old school (as my programming tutor advised, 15-20 years ago..), and as other devs advise. Excel spread sheets for the skill progression curves, console based combat stat programs (all text), and a rough PnP D&D style world map and exploration. 


Of course if AJSA is got a game cooking in the background and requires another body, I'll raise my hand :) In the meantime I'll plod along and see if I can get something in the next couple of months..

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I'd like to look at writing a game as well as possible. Have a game with writing that's really good but doesn't have gameplay that sucks. Games like Dear Esther and Gone Home achieved a horrible balance of mediocre story and mediocre gameplay; I think if we stay down to earth about it and don't pretend that everything we though turns to "art", we can make something great.

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Small idea. We could give survival horror a shot, since the only good ones that would come to mind are Amnesia, Outlast, Silent Hill (original 3 and 1/2), and I have No Mouth and I must Scream.

The game mechanics could be simple to set up, simple puzzle stuff that doesn't disconnect itself too much, and the controls could be a bit arsey to add to character.


Or we could give point and click a go, but that would obviously need more planning.


I've always wondered why no one has made a video game based off of this:



Group of college kids playing an Americanized version of the game, and the character you play would be living the stories, each story akin to a level.

Each level would have its own atmosphere, with the earlier ones not being very scary and kinda stupid, and as the characters get more in to the "game" the stories would be creepier, or more gore-filled, or whatnot.

Also in theme with that, the levels would get progressively darker as the candles are extinguished; the first levels being brightly lit and almost cheery, and the later levels being more in-line with typical horror games.


I already have an ending in mind, actually, but I'm keeping that to myself.

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I've been thinking of an Survival/Horror title that would be based off 'Predator'. It would have similar mechanics to 'Alien Isolation' but with the Predator as the main threat.

This is just a thought, but I would love a game like that.

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I thought about F2P FPS game about the evolution of firearms. Kinda like with WoT's research system but with a 3D techtree that can have it's different branches intersect eachother.

That could potentially sell like water in a desert.


And lately I have been thinking about a STALKER:ish game with SCP as the source material. (http://www.scp-wiki.net)

I mean seriously this stuff is creepy as hell:


Item#: SCP-015

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-015 is impossible to move, and is contained on-site. A gap of at least 2 m (6 ft) needs to be maintained around the entire structure containing SCP-015 at all times, and no structures of any kind are to make contact with SCP-015's current containment structure. Exploration is permissible, but only in teams of three (3) with full safety lines and GPS tracking. Any protrusions from SCP-015 must be capped and sealed immediately, with the new site recorded and logged.

No aggressive action is to be made within SCP-015. No hand or power tools are allowed anywhere inside SCP-015. No repairs or maintenance are to be made anywhere on SCP-015.

Description: SCP-015 is a mass of pipes, vents, boilers and other various plumbing apparatus completely filling a warehouse in ███████. The pipes appear to grow when not under observation, attempting to connect to nearby structures via sewer systems and underground plumbing. SCP-015 contains, at current estimate, over 190 kilometers (120 miles) of pipes, ranging in diameter from 2.5 cm to over 1 m. Some pipes appear new, while others are rusted and leaking. Pipes have been reported as being made of bone, wood, steel, pressed ash, human flesh, glass, and granite. No pipes composed of lead, PVC plastic, copper, or any other traditional material for the production of pipes have been found.

SCP-015 reacts to tools and aggression. Any personnel acting violently, carrying tools, or attempting to damage or repair SCP-015 in any way, will trigger a reaction. Any pipes near the subject will burst, spraying on the subject for several seconds before the flow suddenly stops. Pipes have been reported containing oil, mercury, rats, a species of insect not yet identified, ground glass, sea water, entrails, and molten iron. Pipes will continue to burst around subject until death or retreat.

SCP-015 was cut back to its current structure after attaching to 11 other structures in the area. Currently, 11 personnel have been killed, and 20 more are still missing. Reports have been made of banging and screaming coming from within SCP-015.

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My game idea is simply this:


2 Girls, One Cup, NO MERCY

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My game idea is simply this:


2 Girls, One Cup, NO MERCY

Yeah, no....just no

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I just got an idea for a game, but it's quite tricky. I'm thinking of an action game like Dynasty Warriors, or Sengoku Basara, or a fighting game of sorts, but it involves voice actors. So the characters will be guys and girls that did a lot of voice acting for anything, like Troy Baker, Steven Blum, Nolan North, Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche, or even Japanese actors like Norio Wakamoto and Joji Nakata, and they all fight by transforming into characters they have voiced. Because there's a lot of characters, they are of course able to select which characters they want to become before starting the game. If it's a fighting game, there will be a super meter where the higher it is, the more powerful the characters will be. Damn that's going to be nuts.

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A sort of planetside 2 RTS. I don't know how it would work but i think it would be cool.

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I've always had this idea for a survival horror game. First person perspective. It's kind of like Saw 2, I guess, only you're on your own. Essentially you wake up in a room and it becomes clear that your time is limited, you're told that you can escape but your exit is locked by some means and you have to unlock it by completing challenges.


So one idea could be that you wake up in a house that's filling up with water, and your exit is blocked by 5 locks There are two floors and an attic, so you might logically decide to look on the bottom floor first because that floor will be the first submerged underwater, so you go into some of the rooms on that floor, and some of them will be empty, some of them will have items in, some of them will have challenges in.


Challenges will require items, and not all of which are on the same floor as the challenge room, so you might get stuck on a challenge on the first floor because the item you need is somewhere on the second floor. So you might try and fail to complete the challenge using items you have but when you find the item you need you then have to go back down and now it's more difficult because your slowed down by having to walk/swim through the water. Some of the challenges might hurt you as well, and being hurt could slow you down. Not all the items will be one to one with a challenge, so challenges can be resolved in different ways, some of them quicker than others. So you might have to open a big wooden box and you have a screwdriver, so you unscrew all the screws to get it open, but then you might have a crowbar or a hammer to just break the whole thing open. You might have to try and do a hacking mini-game with letters or numbers, and if you do it with no items you have to remember the bits you got right as you do the challenge, but if you have a pen or a piece of chalk or something you can note them down and make it easier.


One of the challenges might be that you walk into the room and there is another person there who has been told they have to kill you to get out, so then one of the items you need to complete that challenge is some form of weapon and if you don't have a weapon that person is then roaming around the house trying to kill you till you can find a weapon. So you then either have to try and sneak around completing challenges till you come across one, or run around trying to find one and wasting time that could be spent on challenges. So either way you're under pressure trying to do these challenges. And it might be that you have some kind of weapon like a knife or a wrench to kill the guy, but doing so risks hurting yourself and slowing yourself down, so you keep looking around and come across a harpoon gun which you can kill him with but then once it's used, you can't use it again.


You could maybe even have one challenge where you open the door and there is a tank with a shark in it or something and if the room is flooded too high the tank releases the shark and you have to have to lure it out to investigate the room. You might even be able to throw in a cool thing where if the shark and the other guy are both loose one of them will kill the other. Or you might have to engage in a bit of cat and mouse to try and lure the shark into an empty room and then trap it, but holding the door closed uses one of your items.


And then in the attic there is a person tied up, possibly somebody that the character knows and is hinted to during the game, and you're told that a key will be given to you if you kill them, so then you have to use whatever items you have left to kill them. But at the same time you don't neccesarily have to do that last, so then the same hints you get to the characters knowing each other serve as a reminder of what you have done/have to do.


You might be able to do something similar with gas, or maybe fire. The main point though is that things can be done in different orders and different ways and you have to choose how you go about it. You might not survive and escape the first time you try it, so then you have to try again and do things in a different way. You could even randomise it so that each time you play the game some of the rooms move around so you don't KNOW what's behind every door. You might even randomise it so some rooms don't even appear in some playthroughs, so then the next time you try it you could be confronted by a challenge you've not done before.


That's my idea,

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So, what we post ideas for games that we have?  Just any game we can think up?

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I've always wanted to play a game that allowed you to play with an army (200 or so players) against another army with Skyrim style combat. I thought ESO would be the game to do it but considering the reviews... yeah. Kingdom come deliverence has the right idea but wont be multiplayer.

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So, what we post ideas for games that we have?  Just any game we can think up?

anything, post anything. Idc about what it might be. All ideas are welcomed here

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Ok. My idea for a game is more of a MMORPG, mainly. I also would like to see become a real game. So here i go.

The game does not have a class system. So that people can build what they want in their Avatar. And for the story there will be a 5 set of questions for you to answer. all with 5 or more choices. It will ask real life questions like what was your childhood like, did your parents love and were there for you, or you felt love at a young age and were close to a friend but didnt feel the same toward you. and the next set would have what you fighting style is though more questions. With each question set answered it changes your Avatar, to fit what you answered. Truthfully or roleplay. and at the end you can edit your Avatar by height, size, and/or shape you want but will be limited by what you answer on the question sets. Then after that it will shape your story in a way that feels real to you. And the Avatar will be human only. But there will be different races that you will see, meet, and talk to. they will be unique in this game and i have yet to make names.

The leveling system will be by skill use. like i said, there will be no starting class. You will have to make it up as you go along. as you level up more skills will be open and every, say 10 levels you will get a random skill that can be only unlocked by based on what you use. like you use one hand sword but no off hand you might get a chance for dual wielding swords based on how you play or you use a spear and shield you can unlock heavy shield and lance. 

Guilds will be more than just a large number of people doing different things most of the time. there will be guild's that will have Special Perks that will give them different skills. The guild leader will have to choice one main and two secondary Specials between a number of different guilds specials. like Army, Gathers, Assassin, Mercenary, and Art. The one that he choices will be the on will get the most skills the fastest. If he picks Army it will be focus on more skills like tanking, Pure Damage, and other skills of the sort. But if he picks the Assassin it will be stealth and DPS. Gathers will get skills focus on gathering food, weapons, and supplies. as well as making Food, Weapons, and Supplies. Mercenaries will be a mix of army and assassin but focus on skills that evolve money. like bartering and getting more money out of quests and events. Art will be the same as gathering but with magic added in. Like jewels and staffs. And Guild leaders can form partnerships with one another and more skills will be unlocked.

I would add more but there is a so much that i cant put down so thats it for now.

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i just want a 3D mmorpg like eve online, that doesn't bore the hell out of me.


take eve online's mechanics and put them into a 3D world, and i will be very happy.


this was attempted to be done by a man called Ethan Casner with a game called Divergence Online, which i think is either still in development, or almost entirely dropped and non existent anymore.


I've been waiting for Divergence Online for a very long time now, and i am confident it's never going to happen, because this kind of game is never going to attract a big enough amount of subs to make it profitable or worth it to any investor. that's why he and 1 or 2 other devs are making this blockbuster mmorpg all on their own, but that cannot be done without any funding.


he's made indie gogo campaigns, kickstarters and so on, all promising things, but those things have never happened. i know it's hard without funding, no matter how many campaigns you make, but if you can't make the game - give up and stop bullshitting your backers.


if whatever Divergence Online was going to be, actually becomes a game that exists, that would be the game i would have had an idea for. it's just Mr Ethan and probably many others also had the same idea, and he's the one who actually tried to make it happen.


I feel sorry for him. His game would have been a reason to own a gaming PC alone for.

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In future, I will work for EA DICE to developing open-world military shooter called Battlefield World that inspired by Operation Flashpoint and their split sequel, ARMA after I opened my own studio in Phoenix, Arizona, but my own video game studio is a partner and foundation called Legion Partners. After I'm done developing Battlefield World, I will turn my video game studio called Legion Studios as full development business and hire better video game developers after I set up the new offices in my studio. I have some video game project I'm working on its. My first project for my own studio is Super Space Hero Wars Chronicle is a sci-fi turn-based tactical RPG that inspired by XCOM (which is mostly for me), Jagged Alliance, Fallout Tactics, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics and even Super Robot Wars. Next is the modern combat flight simulation game called Air Fighter Squadron which is inspired by Ace Combat, but adding with two mode either casual (arcade) or hardcore (realism). Then I will make RTS game that inspired by Warcraft, Starcraft, Total Annihilation, Homeworld and Command & Conquer. I'm also want to develop survival horror game that inspired by Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Siren and even Corpse Party with full scariness to compete with Amnesia, Outlast, Dead Space, Silent Hill and well as Resident Evil. Plus the spiritual successor to Battlefield World which is similar to ARMA due to based on Operation Flashpoint gameplay. I will looking for more video game project idea.

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I've been working on this little fps horror project of mine, its not much as far as graphics go but its also my first game and i am still quite green to game development despite the last 6 years i've spent playing around with blender and unity3d. My enemys though comical operate in a simular fashion to that of the alien in Alien Iso. They move around areas randomly while looking for you visually with a raycast method, i eventually plan on adding code to their AI that allows them to "hear" specific sounds and investigate them. The player plays as a sci-fi future police dog that is bipedal and cyberneticly inhanced (kind of like a spartan only a dog). Yeah i know thats kinda out there but i didn't feel like making the main character human so i figure well why not a dog of some sort only a biped (shrugs). All the specific stuff is in the link so i wont repost it here. 

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Okay, this idea has been going through my head for quite some time and I want to share it with you guys.

Think Planetside 2 mixed with EVE Online, but way bigger.


- 5 different races (No idea what type of races aside from the most obvious, Humans).


- Each race has there own strengths and weaknesses.


- Over 100 galaxies to expand your race, each with planets that contain different forms of wildlife and valuable resources for each faction.


Some resources are more valuable then others to certain factions.


- Space travel (Inspired by EVE and Homeworld)


- Supports Crossplay with PC, XBOX, and Playstation.


PC - Controls ground units, and the Commander or General of each of the factions military (A mixture of Homeworld, EVE Online, and Planetside 2 in a way).

XBOX - Giant mech units (Mechs that are sort of similar to the ones in Titanfall, but more or less like Steel Battalion and three times as big as them).

Playstation - Air Support units (Air combatt similar to Ace Combat, and Space battles similar to Battlefront or Star Citizen).


(These next ideas sound both complicated and awesome IMO.)


- Can create cities on the planets you control.


- Create allegiances with another race or two. Share military aid, resources, and part of your planets.


- Ability to destroy planets by choice when you are about lose a planet to an enemy faction.


Well, here it is. This is most of what I've been thinking about, but this sounds pretty cool for a game, a bit ambitious though, but it never hurts to be a little ambitious. What do you think? What should be changed? Thanks for listening guys.

Savage out.


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Oh man I might make a few trips back here for my other ideas  :)


The Thing

- Reboot/continuation of the one back in 2002.


- A military unit is sent to investigate outpost 31. Finding nothing but "bits and pieces" they investigate the Norwegian base and make first encounter with the thing. After initial contact they opt to head back to base after evac but are sent to investigate an SOS from a soviet base and other locations (based on the concept work from the cancelled sequel to the 2002 game) leading to more chaos and tension.

- Setting should be about 1980's?


- 3rd person shooter

- Survival Horror

- up to 4 player coop throughout the entire game

- Little Things can be killed by regular means

- Large Things need to have health drained and only fire/explosives can truly kill them. Bullets can help drain health and slow them down

- NPC have the trust system implemented and the fear system from the old game

- NPC's may be the thing when found or may become a thing through infection (all random/procedural)

- Friendly fire is always on

- Class system from the original

- Destructible environments for both player and Things, meaning no where is entirely safe

- Small customization for character (heads, body, headgear)

Trust/Fear system

- NPC's may not initially trust the player fully so trust must be earned (proving not infected, give weapons, healing, etc) but it may also be lost (friendly fire/taking away weapons)

- NPC's can be nervous and scared in scenarios (hearing scary noises, teammates dying, being overrun, gruesome scenes)

- NPC's will become dangerously unpredictable if they succumb to fear/mistrust (suicide, running away, vomiting, or even becoming hostile)


- up to 4 players together can complete the campaign

- Party chats are disabled on consoles and proximity chat system is implemented to increase tension

- Any other players (besides player 1) can become infected and turn into a Thing, therefore becoming hostile.

- Players 2-4 will be one of games classes

- Available slots in a squad can be filled with found NPC's

- Player 1 dies then restart back at a checkpoint

- If NPC's are found during a game and other players are dead, then they may assume the identity of said NPC

Being a Thing

- In coop other players may be infected or outright stealth killed by a Thing, resulting in assimilation

- A Thing has a few forms to pick from that have various skills and strengths

- An infected player may turn into a Thing whenever they wish to, but be mindful doing in front of 3 other players is not a very good idea.

- While infected a player will still act like a player and be treated as one. Don't expect other Things to not attack you

- When health is depleted a player will force change into a Thing, exception is if killed by fire or explosions.

- When exposed from a blood test a player will force change

- When reaching near the end of a level any infected players will force change

- If a infect player is alone with a human player they may attempt to stealth kill the human player which causes an assimilation

- Stealth killing will not result in a forced change

- Stealth kills take a little bit of time so if others are in ear shot they can rescue that player, leaving you exposed


- Leader: Player 1/single player class. Has no penalties to accuracy with weapons. Can heal other people and self up to 75% health. Can repair basic junction boxes

- Soldier: Has increased accuracy with weapons even while standing and moving. Can carry more ammo. Cannot heal other people. Can heal self up to 50%. Cannot repair any junction boxes.

- Medic: Has a penalty to accuracy with weapons. Carries less ammo than others. Can heal other people up to 100% health. Can only heal self up to 75%. Unlimited medkits. Cannot repair any junction boxes

-Engineer: Has a small penalty to accuracy with weapons. Cannot heal other people. Can heal self up to 25% health. Can repair basic and advanced junction boxes


- A coop/versus game mode with 6 players

- Goal is to escape from the given map with as many people as possible

- Each map will have several different variations that are chosen at random

- Enemy types and number are random

- Anywhere between 0-3 players are infected right off the bat. But no ones knows but those infected

- NPC's may be found

- Leader class isn't restricted to just player 1 anymore

- If an infected player escapes with the human players than if results in a loss and everyone dies in a gruesome fashion

- More than one way to escape, some routes will just take longer

- A custom mode (with no matchmaking) is available with the ability to tweak some of the things mentioned above

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What do I do if I'm working on a massive storyline that is about 3 times the size of Star Wars and is supposed to become a huge game franchise involving multiple series of games from different genres, yet I can't create anything.

I don't just want to sell all rights to someone, I want to own it ...

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