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Lord Baldur

The 22:30 hour threshold

1 post in this topic

Often times, people will say that video games are too short. Like always, there is a differing opinion as to how long games should last. As you can tell, games are getting shorter and shorter. But should there be a set standard? I think there should be. I am going off of proportions when discussing this. We all know that the average video game in $60 upon release. Now what is a good thing to compare? Well how about movies? The average movie is an hour and a half and those films cost about $4 at least in the state of California where I live. So knowing the numbers, we can plug in the variables. 1.5 is to 4 as X is to 60. Doing the math, X=22.5 or 22:30 hours. Here's the math if you want to see the formula.


Now with all that said, in order to get your money's worth, you have to spend that much time to make the game worthwhile. Now that is disturbing because if you look at Ground Zeroes which is $30 at the cheapest will go for 37 cents per minute. The average cost for labor in auto repair is 25 cents a minute. which means you are paying them $22.79/hr for this game. That is middle class wages you are giving them. Compare that to a game like Banished which is $20 and therefore you would need to 7.5 hours to get your money's worth, many people play that game for MUCH longer than that and the replayability is endless. So when you want to buy a game, I suggest going to this site to see if that game is worth the price tag.

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