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ESO PVP Tips for noobs?

5 posts in this topic

Any Helpful Tips out there for a new player like myself for pvp in a game like Elder Scrolls Online?

Any strategies or Effects based attacks people should be looking for?

Is Blocking effective against pvp? or is it useless?



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Well the best advice I can say is the same advice I give for Dark Souls players: Prepare to die, and keep rolling.

Also, stay the hell away from any Veteran rank 10s you see (or follow them if on your team) because they will wipe you out in seconds. Also try your own thing, everyone complains about the zerging in pvp but no one tries to do anything else.


EDIT: Also get yourself a siege weapon, ballista, catapult, treb I don't care just something to help out.

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You can sneak in Cyrodil and enemy players won't see you but watch out for NPC as they'll spot you.

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You need just few things. Fire balista, Stone (or fire) trebuchet and oil pot. If you play with others its good to also buy and fill soul shards. You should also have wood and wall repair kits. It will help a lot.

One "pro" tip. There is every day small event lead by Morwenna. Join her and you will learn in few hours everything you need to know about PvP, Keeps, resources and other things from Cyrodiil.

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Stone Trebs are the best ranged equipment for sieging fortifications. The best to bring down a main door is a Battering Ram but make sure to clear the front gate before setting it down and make sure you have a siege shield and a healer with you if there is boiling oil. Teamwork is key in PVP. For anti-player & siege The Fire Ballista, Fire Catapults or Fire Trebs are better for enemy players and enemy siege equipment. Many a time I have died from the Damage Over Time fire effects even when I escaped into cover from getting hit directly. When you bring down the outer wall be sure to pack up your siege equipment because there is a cap on siege equipment and if there are equipment sitting outside not doing a thing that means there is one less treb hitting a gate or hitting a player.

When assaulting a resource point(Farm, Mine, Lumbermill) go after the Mage sitting on the tower and go after menders. Follow this rule when assaulting keeps and such. Mages and Menders are a priority, after they are gone then go after the guards. Concentrated fire is much more effective then individuals going after many different targets.

Blocking can stop spells such as Crystal Fragment from knocking you down. It can reduce damage on many ranged attacks and melee attacks.

And until they undergo a nerfing. Watch out for Vampire Ultimate Spammers. They will turn into a swarm of bats and aren't targetable so stay away from bat swarms. They can also leech life from enemies around them. Best way to handle them is to use knockbacks, stuns, encase, impale, etc to stop their movement. Back away and kill it with fire and silver bolts. And from an earlier post don't try to take on Veteran ranks alone.

If you have money to spare buy some Grand Soul Gems at the Siege Merchant in Cyrodil and you can fill them up by just casting soul trap and killing anything in PVP, a wolf, a skeleton, a NPC Guard, or even a enemy player. That way you can revive your allies if they go down.

Other than that the most important thing is to have fun. Most people on Teamspeak are very welcoming and helpful. And if you are getting beaten badly in PVP you'll have people there to share in the pain or to share in the glory. If you are without a mic then you can always participate in guild and group chat. You can change the chat by clicking on the chat type itself and a drop down menu will open and you can select what chat you want.

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