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The Creator

The Ranks in the forum

3 posts in this topic

Greetings, it's pretty much a dumb question, it's just the fact that i don't really understand the whole ranking system in the community.

I wonder what does it give?

What kind of Ranks out there at all?

And what does written above the Avatar mean (advance member, newbie) - because i saw people with different types of names above their Avatar (and no i don't mean the name itself)?

What do they represent?


I hope the questions were understandable, and would be glad to receive answers...

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Here is our thread on the ranks of the AJSA http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/14-ajsa-chain-of-command-ranks/

Stuff like advanced member and member and the like is just standard for this kind of forum, they don't really mean anything, and most advance to advanced member very quickly.

Moderators are here to... well yeah, moderate.

People who donate (through a subscription) get to have a custom forum title, because custom forum titles are fun :D

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Greetings to you too =P


Best way to find out about ranks is here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/14-ajsa-chain-of-command-ranks/


Now, let me try explaining you a little so hopefully you still understand it even better.

1. For your first question, all ranks that exist in AJSA are in that thread.

2. The written text above avatars only goes to AJSA Club members, the one who donate through subscriptions (like Fluffy said) so they can have those fancy names.

3. Ranks up to Veteran don't mean much, it just means you are here and you are pretty much active. Well, of course they do mean that you are an active member of AJSA.

Sergeants get a few extra things to do here (more in the thread), but nobody can just get the rank by being active, you have to put a extra foot forward and you get promoted by a Commander.


Everything above Sergeants is basically the Command and all the higher ups.

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